A yearlong experience for women who are ready to create the foundation and habits for lifelong high performance.


What if you didn't have to dream about all the things you wanted and instead you could make it all happen?

Imagine gaining the insight and confidence necessary to co-create a plan that focuses on your own personal growth and wellbeing. Then consider how powerful that experience would be if you did it with a carefully cultivated community that provided support and accountability. A community filled with women who are driven and passionate and want to do all the things just like YOU.

Ascend is an opportunity for you to become the hero in your own life with me as your mentor. 

You Will Feel Empowered.

You're a high performer, so it's likely getting shit done isn't your challenge. It's that you work your booty off so much that you aren't taking action to make sure you can sustain it. Think, implementing good habits so you can kick ass over the long haul.

You Will Be Heard.

I know it sounds basic, but this is important. By really listening to what's said (and not being said), I can effectively help you move through the roadblocks and begin to see all of the opportunities in front of you. (BIG STUFF.)

You Will Experience Support.

Genuine, real, non-judgmental support. You will build a connection with me AND the other women in the group through the cultivation of a community filled with trust, encouragement and a whole lotta spunk. A tribe of your very own. 

You Will Get Results!

Duh, who doesn't want that? Between the dedicated time to focus on yourself and my approach to achieving goals - you will experience major shifts, many a-ha's, and you will absolutely who you are becoming as you Ascend.

“You are playing small”— among the most honest and powerful words any friend, mentor, or coach has ever said to me. And it has been these insights in my work with Kelly that have really inspired me to look deeper and aspire for more, both personally and professionally. If you’ve ever really wanted to take a good, hard look at yourself and make improvements that you’ve been struggling to do or afraid to try, Kelly is the perfect person to enlist in your journey of self-discovery.
— Kimberly Kindig | Senior Director of strategic partnerships, the mob museum

Ascend is for you if...

You're at high level in your career, own your own business, or are a leader in your organization. (You've worked your booty off to get here.)

You work hard (and often) and you have your sights set on advancement (personally or professionally), a career shift OR you're happy where you're at right now. 


You recognize that while you show up every day at work and get it done, you're sacrificing sleep, have a rollercoaster relationship with all things health, might battle the self-doubt demons, and more than likely haven't conquered all the stress. 


Right now you've got it all dialed in (go you!), but you recognize that life happens and we run into roadblocks all the time and you want to be able to continue to Ascend when that happens.

Whichever boss babe you happen to be right now, can you imagine what you could do if you could develop the habits, mindset and confidence necessary to get you to that next level while also feeling your best?

Sounds dreamy, right?

I think so too.

The Experience Includes

1:1 Mentorship

12, 60-minute virtual (and recorded) coaching sessions with me to uncover the areas you need to focus on and begin to do the work by creating an action plan, setting significant milestones, and working through the muck that gets in the way.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls 

12 video calls hosted by me, where you will receive coaching on topics ranging from mindset and follow-through to nutrition and exercise.

Quarterly Experiences 

Each quarter an organized experience will take place for participants to gather around the Las Vegas Valley. These will include a mini spa day, a morning hike, a ladies night and a new adventure to be disclosed once you sign up. (I can't give away all the details, that would be no fun for me!)


Facebook Community

Within our private group, there will be sharing, support and celebration. Think: Access to your tribe of sisters whenever you need them.


As part of the Ascend experience you will receive 1 Access Pass to a VIP Day of your choice within 2018-2019. During these days we move and play, work around a specific set of topics, relax in the spa and by the pool, and close the day with celebratory cocktails. Dates and locations will be announced soon.

I know what you’re thinking...

“This sounds AMAZING Kelly, but how the hell do I fit this into my chaotic schedule?” 

Am I close?

We'll talk about taking back control of your schedule, but here's my response... 

This experience was intentionally designed to support you where you’re at today, not add more stress to it. 

I know you're busy and the idea of adding something else to your plate feels nuts, but the time commitment is minimal - so remove that excuse from the list.

I got you.

Focusing on well being from the inside out - Kelly helped me realize some significant shifts I needed to make in my decision making and my choices. This work not only helped me get back into shape, but also helped me realize where I want to be with my career. I’m excited about the changes I’ve made since investing time with Kelly!
— Krista Darnold | Senior Director, Industry Relations, LVCVA

There will most definitely be...


This experience is available for up to 10 women.

If what you’ve heard speaks to you, make sure you apply for the next Ascend Experience when it opens up. I will review your application myself and reach out to you within 7-days of submission to schedule a call (with me). Submitting an application does not mean you are obligated to join the program which begins November 2019.

When I first met Kelly at one of the health & wellness retreats she organized, I was impressed with her authenticity, vulnerability and ability to move each of us in the group to a plan of action about our own well-being. Since that initial retreat, I have given myself the ongoing gift of Kelly as my coach. Connecting with her monthly on my wellness goals, struggles and road bumps along the way, has provided me comfort and a safe place to continue my personal journey toward the best me possible. I highly recommend Kelly to anyone who wants to make self-care a priority. It’s truly one of the most important investments you’ll ever make.
— Stacey Wedding | Founder and CEO, Professionals in Philanthropy

I always second guess whether I need something like this because: a) I feel a bit guilty taking time away from work and b) most of the time I have it pretty well together (at least that’s what I tell myself). After this last VIP day, I was transformed. Kelly curated an amazing group of women who connected very quickly. The exercises she had us do were just what I needed to address some nagging less than stellar habits and face the fact that I’m afraid to be more visible - AND I’m moving forward with all of my plans despite that fear because it’s important to me. The day was the perfect combination of deep personal and collective work, spa time, and planning for implementation. This is NOT one of those events where you have a fun day and that’s it. Kelly’s amazing background, skill as a coach and genuine caring for each woman in the room ensure that her participants leave the resort knowing exactly the what, how, and most importantly the WHY of our next steps. I can’t recommend this highly enough for high achieving women who put tons of pressure on themselves. Kelly not only gets it, she respects our time, and she advocates for us moving forward in the most healthy, vibrant, sustainable way possible.
— Stefanie Frank | Copywriter, TEDx speaker, Co-Founder, Frankly Good Coffee

Kelly leads a dynamite group experience. From curating a rockstar group of women, to leading transformative exercises, to providing me-time in a gorgeous spa, to providing deep, actionable coaching, Kelly knocked it out of the park and I loved every part of this experience. I highly recommend Kelly’s unique event to women who are ready to take care of themselves the way they take care of their clients, staff and families. I’ve implemented EVERY SINGLE AHA I had during my hot seat, feel more deeply aligned with my work, feel a tremendous decrease in stress, and it’s not even been two weeks since our powerful day together!
— Alexia Vernon | President, Alexia Vernon Empowerment

My first group experience put on by Kelly was rewarding and eye-opening at the same time. You interact with wonderful, successful women that provide insight and perspective on your daily struggles. It was enlightening to hear that other women share in the same challenges as I’m going through. I left feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted but refreshed at the same time.
— Maureen Perri | VP Credit Administrator, Nevada State Bank

Kelly came in to my life when I was sick, stressed and burnt out. I was making poor decisions with my diet, with my overly full schedule and she helped lead me to balance. Not only does she hold me accountable, she helps me unpack my habits and get to the root of why I make the decisions that I do. She is honest with me, she helps me be my best self, and she has helped me make some radical changes that have boosted my career, my home life and my self-image. I can’t recommend her enough. If you are looking to make some positive change in your life, Kelly is the woman for you.
— Ashley Erickson | Special Programs Manager, The Mob Museum

Kelly Travis is the real deal. She understands the core limitations that cause people to play small in life and knows just how to tap into those weak spots with the right advice. The trick is to stay open to receiving all this goodness. With her guidance I believe anything is possible.
— Ava Mucikyan | Founder and CEO, Salt Room LV

Throughout my life I have always been that person that vibrates to good energy, knowledge and advice because I am constantly trying to improve myself. Kelly’s approach to sharing insight is awesome. I will say that Kelly’s gift isn’t just in her ability to share knowledge of things that we know, her gift is in her authentic style of bringing it all home. Coupled with that is her ability in put different, but similar people together and create a connection to spark change and growth. Many are drawn to Kelly and that gift is priceless. Call it vibrations, magnetic personality…call it what you want, but she has it. She has a raw and real way of showing that she is vulnerable and going through it just like the rest of us, yet she gives you knowledge that isn’t just her opinion - it is a combination of education, research and life experience that allows her to help others find their way and continue to thrive.
— Tanja Vereen | Sales Executive, Opportunity Village

Like me, this program will be 100% real, powerful, productive and fun

If you want to up your game so you can reach peak mental and physical performance, enjoy the crap out of life in a way that has you waking up excited and going to bed full of gratitude, and be part of a powerhouse of women who have your back - Ascend is for you.