How to Start Playing Big in Your Health and Business

How often do you play small in your life? 

Do you hold back on thinking BIG when it comes to your goals because you’re afraid to allow yourself to go there? 

Maybe it all feels too unrealistic so you stay comfortable so you won’t be disappointed. 
Or, maybe you’re afraid to be seen or shy away from using your voice. And as a result, you bury those big goals deep down so you don’t have to be reminded of them and you go back to being comfortable. 

Today’s episode is an invitation to think bigger - in your health, your career, and the rest of your life. It’s a challenge to push through those limiting beliefs that are holding you back and begin to give yourself permission to think about what you really want to achieve in life. 

Listen in as I share my own personal story that impacted my perception of life and how I should show up. I also challenge you to consider what your life would look like if you told yourself only positive stories about your capabilities. 

Your stories aren't your truth and those emotions are often nothing more than habit.

After you’ve listened, be sure to comment below with how you your BIG goals and the new thoughts you need to think to make them a reality!

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • The single remark that shifted Kelly’s perception of herself and led to her playing small in all areas of her life.

  • How the stories that impact your beliefs about yourself are just stories, and you have the choice (and ability) to move through them. 

  • You can reframe your thinking around reaching your potential in a way that serves you.

  • Those that have achieved big things believed it was possible.

  • Kelly’s challenge: Consider the big goals you want to achieve, identify your limiting beliefs, and get clear on the thoughts and habits you need to have to achieve those big goals.

  • You can learn more on this topic with Kelly’s upcoming course Health Fuels Success, which is launching in early June. Get on the waitlist (and grab your free Healthy Habits Starter-Kit).

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