3 Strategies to Start Taking Action

Do you struggle with taking consistent, sometimes messy, action? Perhaps you wait around to feel motivated or you constantly find yourself making excuses? Maybe you lack confidence in yourself which leaves you hesitating?

In certain areas of my life, this is a big fat YES (to all of it). And if I’m being 100% honest, my fears of taking action and my lack of confidence are typically around asking for help or communicating what I need in relationships.

It’s an area I am working on personally, and I’m working on being intentional in this area. Because as Eleanor Roosevelt said…

You build your confidence by doing one thing every day that scares you

Last week, I challenged you to consider playing bigger in all areas of your life. This week we are laying out the steps you’ll need to take in order to make those goals part of your reality.

In this podcast episode, I get real with you about what’s holding you back from taking action and how you can create more confidence. I’m also giving you 3 concrete tools to put into practice so you can start showing up and getting comfortable with taking imperfect action.

The first thing to understand: even with the best planning, your journey will not be perfect. (Just sayin.)

We naturally seek out comfortable choices, but the truth is the choices we need to make are uncomfortable and scary.

If you’re motivated to leave behind the habits and mindset that are zapping your energy so you can show up your best in all areas of your life…

If you’re excited about creating a plan that shifts you from “fine”  and pretty successful to healthy, happy and (massively) successful…

If you’re intrigued by the idea that you can be successful in your work AND your health at the same time when you have a plan…

I’m opening the doors to my new program Health Fuels Success very soon and they will only be open for a short time before we close the doors and start the course. Before I open enrollment I want to give you the big picture so you can see what it looks like to go from insight to action.

And I’ll be doing so in my upcoming masterclass where I’ll be giving you the 3 must-have secrets to achieving healthy high performance

Specifically I will show you how to...How to develop and grow as a healthy high performer without following a rigid plan, experiencing constant overwhelm, and getting confused about where to start.

Go to kellytravis.net/hfsmasterclass to sign up - make sure you reserve your spot!

In the meantime, once you’ve listened to the full episode send me a DM on Instagram and and tell me which of the 3 strategies you plan on putting into practice today!

I’d love to hear about how you’re taking messy action!  



P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for my free LIVE masterclass where I will give you the 3 must-have secrets to achieving healthy high performance.

Highlights from this episode:

- What makes us fear success?

- Who do you fear will judge you or be impacted by you achieving your goal?

- You’ll never feel naturally motivated to do the hard work, you’ve been gotta decide to act.

- The choice you’ll have to make when you fail.

- What I learned about the fear of failure from my son.

- Breaking down the Confidence-Competency Loop, what it means for your personal progress, and why you shouldn’t hesitate when you feel that impulse.

- Managing your day-to-day progress rather than getting overwhelmed by the thought of your big goals.

- A tiny step forward is better than a large one you’re too afraid to take

- Share your goals with friends who trust and support you, and who will also hold you accountable.

- Look for someone who’ll give you “process praise” rather than “person praise.”

- I shares my own roadmap to achieving goals.

- How my upcoming Health Fuels Success course ties into this more gradual approach to achieving goals.

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