How to Develop Persistence so You Don't Quit!

Hey friend!

It’s time to shine a light on one of my favorite P-words: persistence.

Today I’m sharing the 4 keys to cultivating persistence and the #1 sneaky thing that kills it. Stops it dead in it’s tracks.

Can you guess what it is?

Listen, we all know that staying focused and showing up daily to pursue a goal is difficult. And this is especially true when you inevitably come up against setbacks. Hello - life is HARD.

You’ve got to practice it every day because if you can’t build it when things are easy, it will be very difficult to show up when it gets tough.

So the question is, where does persistence come from? How do we cultivate it?

And what separates those who have high levels of persistence with those that give up at the first sign of a challenge?

Here’s what you need to know: Persistence isn’t special or unique to certain people, it exists within all of us. It’s that thing that gets you up out of bed to pursue your dreams, and it’s what keeps us focused on the goals when friends, family members and loved ones tell us we should give up. (As if!!)

So listen in on this episode and learn how you can beef up your persistence muscle so you get to the finish line - or better yet, go right on by!

Xo, Kelly

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Highlights from this episode:

- Why comfort and acceptance are death knells for your persistence.

- What Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison and J.K. Rowling can tell us about what it takes to achieve success.

- The hard choice you need to make the moment you notice your persistence is starting to fade.

- Why you should think of persistence as building a kind of muscle in your mind.

- First key: craft of vision of where you want to end up and make sure why you want to end up there.

- Second key: make a plan for how you want to proceed, as well as backup plans for how you’re going to pivot in case of setbacks.

- Keep in mind that even your most embarrassing failures are proof that you tried, and furthermore teach you valuable lessons for how to proceed next time.

- Third key: your failures, missteps and rejections don’t have to stand on their own; use those negative feelings to fuel your drive as you push forward to your goal.

- Fourth key: build a community of friends, family and teachers who will support you, give you constructive criticism when needed, and keep you on track when you start to drift.

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