Nutrition Isn't Easy: 3 Steps to Take Beyond Eating Kale

This week, this is all about nutrition—specifically, why eating healthy is way more confusing than it ought to be. Nutrition science’s myriad contradictions and inconsistencies have much to do with the fact that it’s a relatively young field—scientists didn’t discover vitamins until the early 20th century! To say that researchers are still ironing out the wrinkles is putting it lightly.

On top of that, a variety of causes—ranging from big corporations to well-intentioned health advocates—finance and promote studies that make cases for their particular agendas. That’s a lot to grasp for the average consumer who just wants to know if organic kale is worth the purchase.

For this episode, I’m going to help you understand what exactly contributes to your body’s nutrition and how you can keep track of it. I’m laying out three big reasons why managing a healthy and nutritious lifestyle isn’t nearly so simple as we hope it would be, and then offers three major tips for how you can get a better handle on the nutrients you’re putting into your body.

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Details of This Episode:

- Taking a look at the “dirty dozen list” and examining how frustratingly contradicting food science can be.

- Kelly’s experience discovering her own food sensitivities and how those can contribute to our confusion about which foods are nutritious or not.

- Food doesn’t exist in a vacuum: other factors affect your health just as much as food.

- The effects sleep, stress and a little hormone called cortisol have on our nutrition.

- Why it’s so important to have a diverse array of bacteria in our digestive tract.

- How hidden agendas influence the nutrition research being funded and publicized.

- Calorie measurements aren’t as accurate as we think they are.

- What technology should you invest in to more accurately track your calorie intake and burn.

- Kelly’s tips for drowning out the nutritional noise we’re bombarded with from pop culture and social media.

- Taking a closer look at the unconscious patterns connecting how we eat and how we feel.

- Accepting that the diet that works best is tailored to your own body and this specific time in your life.

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