Evolve Your Game with 5-Time World Champion Hector Vasquez

Hector Vasquez is an accomplished Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner who can easily hold his own in a match, but he wasn't always at the top of his game. He grew up in a desperate situation where risk-taking was very much a way of life, but a good colleague and jiu-jitsu were able to put him on the right track. Now, Hector is a five-time World Championship title holder and instructs martial artists young and old alike in Brazilian jiu-jitsu at Cobrinha in Las Vegas, NV. Through his training, Hector passes on not only martial arts techniques but discipline and confidence as well.

For this episode, Hector takes us through the journey that led him out of his former troubled circumstances and toward his current vocation as a confident and influential martial arts champion and instructor. He stresses how essential risk-taking is to advance personally and professionally and explains why he really isn't afraid of the challenges that come his way any more.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

- Hector discusses the person who helped him get to where he is today in the span of 12 years.

- His experience balancing jiu-jitsu training with his work life, and what drew him to the martial art.

- What Hector finds very powerful about risk-taking.

- How being able to guide others is the “why” that drives Hector.

- The reason surrounding yourself with successful people can be key to your own success.

- Hector lays out some tips for effective management and building a community from your team

- The biggest difficulties Hector has encountered working with adults vs. kids.

- The importance of not trying to rush your success and the benefits of patience.

- Why Hector doesn’t feel scared of the challenges he comes up against in his personal and professional lives.

- What are some of Hector’s healthy habits that keep him on the right track?

- How Hector’s wife has been so instrumental in helping him manage stress.

- What Hector has learned from the worst advice he’s received in his life.

- WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Why Hector wants you to aim to be 1% better every day.


“I don’t want to be behind a desk anymore, I wanna do what I love to do.”

“If you don’t take a risk you’re never going to improve yourself as a person.”

“If I lose everything, I already know how that feels, so I’ll just pull myself back up.”

“If I can change the life of one kid or one adult, then I’ve done my job.”

“You take care of your people and people will take care of you.”

“It’s gonna come—it might not come when you want it to, but if you keep working hard at it, it’s gonna come.”

“They say haters make you strong? It’s true.”

Guest Links:

Cobrinha Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Fitness

Hector on Instagram

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