How to Stop Saying You Don't Have Time

I often get asked how I manage to do all the things. Building my business, coaching my clients, taking care of my two little boys as a single mom, and making time for my own health and well-being, it totally makes sense that people would wonder how I do it. But the truth is, I’m really good at protecting my time.

Time—or, the lack of time—is not only causing overwhelm but likely preventing you from saying YES to the things that move you forward or make you happy. It’s probably one of the top reasons you claim you can’t reach your goals or prioritize your health.

It’s easy to convince yourself that you have no time, but what it really comes down to is not being clear about your priorities. With a little self-awareness and a few habit tweaks, you can find yourself accomplishing much more without making sacrifices (yourself) to do it.

For this episode, I’m challenging you to take a look at your current schedule and how you use your time, so you can begin to not only optimize the time you have but make space to do the things that are calling to you.  

The Details of This Episode:

- Why you need to schedule the time for breaks rather than take them only when you’re able to.

- The reason Kelly calls BS on the idea that we don’t have enough time.

- Why Kelly had to learn to be able to say “no” in order to make the free time that she needed.

- Start by figuring out how you actually spend your time 

- Getting honest with yourself about the habits, beliefs and perhaps people that are impacting your success (and making you feel like you have no time) is a game changer

- How Kelly went about “deleting” the unnecessary stuff that was affecting her productivity and intruding on her bigger priorities.

- Delegating some of the tasks you don’t personally need to carry out is a valuable method of optimizing your time.

- Acknowledge all of the things you are already doing that are positive!

- YOUR ACTION: list which of your daily tasks you plan to delete, delegate and/or keep.

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