Emotional Wellness: Leadership, Self-Worth and Curiosity with Therapist Roberta Vande Voort

Early on in life I started to wear a mask to hide my shame and fear because I was terrified to be vulnerable or authentic.

If anyone truly knew what was going on in my head, what would they think? I couldn't let them see the real me.

Fast forward to today.

A lot has changed since then, as these days I'm (almost) an open book! But it took some work to get to this place...

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, or work with me, you know that I believe in therapy. In fact, I firmly believe that everyone should have access to someone they can safely do some of that deep work with.

Therapy is a powerful tool to help us heal from past experiences, create new stories that include authenticity and joy, and take better care of ourselves, 

It doesn’t make you weak or mean that you are broken - it’s simply caring for your emotional wellness. It takes courage to sit with someone and talk through things, but when you are willing to do that deep work it can be powerful. 

I didn’t always think this way about therapy, but when I was hospitalized for my eating disorder back in 1999 (you’re thinking of the Prince song - right?), it was mandatory. And while I may have strongly resisted it at first, it was one of the things that saved my life.

Because of that, it has been a consistent part of my life ever since. It’s also why I studied mental health in college and why a large part of my work is focused on emotional wellness. 

My guest on today’s podcast has been my therapist since 2008. She’s gentle, kind, and a badass business owner as well as a phenomenal therapist. She’s supported me through some difficult stuff over the years and it was important to me to have her as a guest to talk all things emotional wellness. 

Whether you’re experienced in going to therapy or you’ve shied away from it, this conversation will not only open you up to the power of caring for your emotional wellness but give you some great insight into the many areas it impacts. 

I’m sure you will adore Roberta as much as I do after listening! 

xo - Kelly

The Finer Details of This Episode:

- What drew Roberta to becoming a therapist and why she finds it to be a wonderful way to make a living.

- How she ended up creating a community of therapists across the Las Vegas area.

- Why she thinks social media has a disproportionate negative impact on people’s feelings.

- The dual pressures women have to work with on the job and at home.

- What you can do to broach difficult discussions at work while de-escalating potential conflicts

- Taking a serious look at what’s actually motivating you to do your current work and getting over the fear of pivoting to something you find more fulfilling.

- The shift Roberta is seeing with more women and girls taking a stand and questioning certain limits and rules.

- Looking at the underlying factors that influence our behavior and some of the techniques being developed to better treat them.

- What Roberta herself does to stay in a healthy, constructive mindset from day to day.

- Roberta discusses her formative experience on the island of Crete and what unique traits she believes make women strong leaders.

- Why women and men alike need more wonder and awe in there lives as they grow older.

- What about Roberta’s children and grandchildren brings her the greatest joy nowadays.

- WEEKLY CHALLENGE: ask yourself what you can do to bring more of those wondrous “ahhhhh” moments in your day.


“Therapists are like everybody else: they’re all nuts.”

“We’re trying to shift generations of mindset in order to have this sense of ‘we’re just people working together’.”

“Don’t let somebody else choose for you who you are.”

“We all have so much to offer. We just have to figure out what that is and what it looks like.”

“We’ve got so much to learn about how our brain works and how it works really very much like our body.”

“My ideas are just as good, they’re just as valuable, they may be a little bit different because I am female, but they’re amazing.”

Guest Links:

Kayenta Therapy

Roberta’s therapist profile

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