Sleep Your Way to Healthy High Performance

When it comes to your health, the one thing you might sacrifice the most is sleep. If this is true for you, it’s time to get serious about making this a priority.

Want to know why?

Don’t worry, I’ll tell ya…

It’s the #1 thing you should be doing for your health, right now. Forget the kale and the cardio, get your booty in bed and close your damn eyes!

Good, consistent sleep helps you to keep your immune system strong, lose weight, manage stress, stay productive and perform your best in mind and body.

I personally learned this the hard way when after years of compromising my own sleep, I found myself facing health issues and losing motivation to get after my goals. (If there was a virus in my zip code, I got it. )

Today, I no longer negotiate with my sleep so that I can feel energized and focused and show up my best in all areas of my life. I’m on a serious crusade to make sure you do the same - and this podcast is the perfect place for you to start.

For this episode, I’m sharing all the factors that affect the quantity and quality of your sleep, so you can better understand what’s keeping you from the rest you deserve. I’m also supplies you with a wide array of tips and tricks you can use to improve your sleep game. 

The Details of This Episode:

- Taking a look at how lack of sleep negatively affects us and explaining why we need to make time for sleep.

- The unfortunate way our culture turns sleep deprivation into a badge of honor.

- How Kelly’s own experiences with sleep deprivation led her to completely rethink her approach to cell phone usage and her bedtime.

- The surprising percentage of people who aren’t getting decent sleep.

- Why we should prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to the sleep we can get.

- How you can learn to get back to your circadian rhythms.

- What sleep studies can tell us about the hormones that affect sleep and how decent sleep plays a pivotal role in fat loss.

- How to give your body a jump start as soon as you wake up.

- When you shouldn’t feel guilty about giving yourself an extra hour of sleep.

- What Kelly has been doing to put her sleep schedule back on track.

- How magnesium deficiency plays a role in the quality of sleep we get.

- How the  interplay between temperature, light and even your cell phone can have a negative impact on your sleep cycle.

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