Build Your Endurance with Masters Record Holder (and All-Around Badass) Suzanne Ray

I’m completely obsessed with using athletic principles in all areas of my life - particularly those focused on choosing to stay committed to the process. Because while instant gratification is definitely a real thing, it isn’t a strategy for long term success and neither is comparing our journey to someone else’s.

We all have the opportunity to run our own damn race. :)

That’s why I’m so freaking excited about my guest for this episode, Suzanne Ray!

She stepped into running before Title 9 existed and when there was very little opportunity for women to do athletic things. She was literally at the forefront of women’s running and has been consistent in her pursuit of her goals ever since.

Can we say, trailblazer?

In college, when she decided to join a jogging class, everything changed. .

From Olympic Trials Qualifier to Masters Record Holder, she’s an all-around badass. The best part? She isn’t done. Not even close.

She’s an inspiration and example of what we are truly capable of if we put our mind to it and stay committed to the process. And in this episode, you’ll hear all about her journey as a competitive runner and the life lessons it can teach all of us.

You don’t need to be an athlete or love running to get a lot out of this episode.

Suzanne may be a Masters record holder - among other things - but she is also a teacher and she teaches us plenty in this conversation!

For this episode, Suzanne lays out what drew her to running and how she kept pushing her personal limits to achieve (and surpass) her own goals. She also discusses some of the most supportive and life-affirming people she’s encountered on her journey. With strong and applicable advice for how to set goals and deal with setbacks, this episode is powerful for anyone who is drawn to learning how to apply athletic principles to achieving personal and professional goals. 

The Finer Details of This Episode:

- What led Suzanne to discover her passion for running and to consistently do the work to achieve her goals.

- Why she thinks newer runners should focus their attention on shorter distance races.

- The reason Suzanne’s head, rather than her body’s capabilities, appealed to one of her coaches.

- Suzanne’s tricks for getting herself in the right frame of mind to run.

- The very supportive runner who supported Suzanne during a particularly challenging race.

- What Suzanne has sacrificed to maintain her active lifestyle and why she’s okay with cutting certain things loose.

- Why she wishes she could sometimes bring a pencil and paper with her while running.

- What Suzanne does to cope with and move past her failures.

- The importance of a quick turnaround when dealing with your injuries.

- What Suzanne’s next goal is and how she personally defines what a “healthy high performer” is.

- WEEKLY ACTION to consider: Think about how you’ve been working towards your goals - fitness or otherwise. What’s one way you can “find your happy place” as you work towards your goals? Is there a Plan B involved?


“At first it was like, ‘Whoa, women can do this? Let’s see how much more we can do than this!’”

“I qualified for the Olympic trials, this will probably never happen again, so I wanna go there being the best I can possibly be.”

“If you just make yourself do it I think that you’re actually doing something to your head.”

“You make it fit or you don’t, and you decide how much it’s worth to you.”

“The most creative ideas I come up with are almost always while running.”

“‘Healthy high performance is setting your goals high without being rigid.”

“Find your happy place that will take you where you want to go in your best way.”

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