Level Up Your Community for Health and Success

July has been a very strange and reflective month for me. After a very busy and intense June—one that stretched me to my very limits—I realized I needed a bit of a breather and took a staycation here in Las Vegas. While recharging, I’ve taken the time to prepare for the next retreat for my Mastermind ladies and also contemplate how the right combination of supporters can be just what we need to keep ourselves on track. 

Communities are so essential to living healthy and happy lives. A supportive community will cheer you on when you start to tire, nudge you back on the wagon when you start to slip, and be there to catch you if it gets to be too much. The key to achieving high performance is not just your own drive but the collective will and support of those you surround yourself with.

For this episode, I’m taking a deeper dive into how ardent individualism (especially of the high performer variety) cuts us off from necessary and very helpful support systems that not only give us room to breath and convalesce but also keep us on top of our games. I’m also exploring the ways being part of a community—or not being part of one—can actually affect our health at all levels.

The Details of This Episode:

- The reason a lot of high performers shrug off the opportunity to be part of a community even if it would benefit them.

- Why it’s more important than ever to integrate social media with face-to-face communication and connectivity.

- The three major areas in life impacted by social relationships and community: behavioral, psychosocial and physiological.

- How a solitary lifestyle can have a major negative effect on not just your mental health but physical health as well.

- Why we shouldn’t let our American sense of individualism push away the known benefits of coming together collectively.

- Taking a look as the social phenomenon known as “clustering” and how it can change our behavior in healthy and unhealthy ways.

- The traits you’re looking for from a genuinely constructive support group.

- The three things accountability provides you with on your journey.

- TAKE ACTION: What you can do to foster community in your own space.

- UPCOMING: be on the lookout for details on how you can apply for Ascend (a badass Mastermind)!

Show Links:

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