Test, Don't Guess with (W)holistic Health Boss Jenn Malecha

It was about 6-months after I had my first son when I started to not feel like myself. It was well past the period of time when I should have started to feel better (post babe) and I was feeling worse.

I was losing hair hair by the clumps.

Beyond fatigued.

Moody AF.

And I just didn’t feel like myself.

But my doctor told me it was normal. I had just had a baby and sometimes it took time to recover. She even ran some tests and soon after told me I was fine.

I knew I wasn’t fine though. I know my body, and I didn’t feel right.

So I found another doctor, one who would listen to me. And right away he started doing additional testing and found that I had a thyroid disorder.

Over the years I’ve gotten really good at listening to my body and have done more investigating (with my doc) to identify many things lying well beneath the surface that put the entire story of my health together.

That knowledge gives you the power and confidence to take action.

It wasn’t just in my head. There were issues with my gut, my hormones and my adrenals - and I am still to this day uncovering things.

This podcast is a great conversation with Jenn Malecha, a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, around the power of doing the detective work and not settling for the typical response of “your normal” that we often hear at our yearly check up. Jenn uses comprehensive test results and the patient’s health history to reveal the underlying causes of what ails them.

If you find you are struggling to feel your best, no matter how well you eat or how often you move - give this episode a listen so you can learn about what listening to your body and getting testing done can do for your future health and well-being.

Details of This Episode:

- Jenn breaks down what she does in her line of work and what distinguishes her from naturopathic doctors.

- What personal experiences prompted Jenn to reevaluate her health situation and pursue a diagnostic nutrition practitioner career?

- Why we need to avoid running our lives on “autopilot” regardless of how we feel in the moment.

- The ways Jenn has noticed her clients have become more empowered in the aftermath of taking ahold of their health.

- How Jenn helped one client figure out what was holding them back from taking charge of their health and holding back their quality of life.

- Why “grit and determination” are not the keys to achieving your health goals, and how dogged persistence can actually backfire.

- Techniques for keeping yourself from falling into a “death spiral” and taking up bad habits you previously shed.

- The moment in Jenn’s journey that her self-worth truly began to improve.

- A few tools Jenn uses to stay alert to how her body is changing and adapting.

- Everyday, seemingly innocuous symptoms that are actually big red flags about your health.

- Jenn explains how the testing she uses in her line of work is more comprehensive than the average doctor-prescribed blood test.


“We shouldn’t be settling for anything less than what we deserve when it comes to our health and well-being.”

“Our body will do anything that we ask it to do but that doesn’t mean that we should either.”

“Whatever’s going on with you right now is an accumulation of what has happened over your lifetime.”

“Test, don’t guess, otherwise you’re just taking a shot in the dark.”

“If you don’t feel right in your own body, that is enough alone to explore what is going on with you.”

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