How to Overcome the Most Common Excuses When Considering Change

You deserve to kick ass in your career.

You deserve to wake up and move through the day with energy.

You deserve to unapologetically go after your BIG ASS GOALS.

You are meant to make an impact and you’re supposed to feel good doing it. 

But those damn excuses, they are sabotaging your ability to have all of that (and more).

Excuses that are, if I‘m being honest, complete bullshit. They are delivered to you by your brain, and they serve no other purpose than to stop you in your tracks. 

And stop you they do. 

So...are you ready to call them out and come up with a solution to move past them?

I thought so.

Tune in to this episode and learn the top 5 excuses that come up when you think about changing, and how you can begin to move through them so you can live the life you are meant to live.

How about it? Are you ready to optimize your mind and your body so you can show up your best?

Let’s do this!

*After you’ve listened, come back here and let us know your biggest excuse and why it’s complete bulls$hit!

The Details of This Episode:

- The conversation Kelly recently had with another woman that got her thinking about what the excuses we tell ourselves cost us in the long run.

- The first and most common excuse: that you don’t have time to pursue your goals and enact significant change.

- The second excuse: that you’re not ready to make the necessary changes to turn your goals into realities.

- The third excuse: you’ve failed at this goal or something similar before and you think you’ll fail again.

- The fourth excuse: that you’re not [INSERT TRAIT] enough to pursue your goal.

- The fifth and often most limiting excuse: that you’re fine where you currently are and don’t need to go after any other goals.

- TAKE ACTION: Write down the goal you’re having the hardest time pursuing, and then jot down all of the excuses that deter you from turning that dream into a reality. Think really hard about these excuses and pinpoint the reasons why they are, in Kelly’s words, “bullshit,” and how you’re going to combat them.


“No one feels like doing the work to change but those that reach that next level of success do it anyway.”

“You don’t have to prove you’re Superwoman by doing all the things.

“If you’re doing all of it, you’re not doing it right.”

“There’s so much we can do in ten minutes that literally moves the needle forward.”

“Just find one thing that shows some progress and gets you in the damn race.”

“The failures in our past are opportunities to change our approach.”

“You are meant to do more and you are meant to feel your best doing it.”

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