Leave Your Unhealthy Relationship with Exercise Behind

Ever since I started my business I’ve been obsessed with helping women improve on is their relationship with exercise, because most women tend to have a story around exercise and it usually isn’t a positive one.

To get my business started while I figured out where I wanted to take it, I obtained my certification in personal training from NASM. Immediately I dove in, working with ambitious women who were trying to do ALL THE THINGS, while juggling big careers and a family.

The theme? All of them had terrible relationships with exercise. Like most of us, the fitness marketing brainwashed them to believe that there was really only one way to have fitness work - go hard, all the time.

So for years, and for many decades, they shamed themselves for their lack of dedication and commitment, because “exercise” became another unfinished task on the to-do list. And those that had bought into the “go hard” mentality were exhausted and didn’t know how to let their foot of the guess because they were afraid of what might happen.

It is so important that we honor our bodies and what we want exercise to look like in our individual life, not what a program or guru tells us to do.

It’s important because the obsession and shame can that are born out of the unhealthy relationship with exercise can directly impact business growth, cause overwhelm and anxiety, create more problems with our physical health and even seep into our relationships.

So, whether you find yourself obsessed with exercise in a way that is consuming too much mental and physical energy, or you find that exercise is another item on the to-do list that doesn’t get done (and therefore you shame yourself for it) - it’s important to do the work to shift your perception of what fitness can be in your life. 

In this episode, I share the history of my own rollercoaster relationship with exercise - and the impact it had on my life. And I also dive deep into the reasons why exercise can be a toxic relationship for women and lay out four things you can do to shift your relationship with exercise in a way that allows you to keep yourself healthy on a day-to-day basis, avoid burnout, and have fun doing it.

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The Details of This Episode:

- How Kelly came discover the sheer amount of fear and anxiety women have toward exercise.

- Why industrialization has had such a negative impact on the amount of daily exercise we do—and what you can do to compensate for it.

- The little things you can do to stay active throughout the day and avoid the kind of sedentary lifestyle that modern life enables.

- How Kelly’s own relationship with exercise has changed for better and for worse throughout her life.

- Getting honest with your personal fitness goals and accepting that they may be different from your friends’.

- Don’t feel constrained to just the gym: seek out other modes of exercise that get you outside, working out with others, and most importantly having fun.

- Remember that you need to pace yourself: you can’t exercise well if you go overboard and burn yourself out.

**Be sure to grab the free PDF I offer at the beginning of the episode. It’s a guide that provides you with seven activities you can add to your nightly routine that will make you feel more energized and focused when you wake up the next day. You can grab it here

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