Unapologetically Ascending: Less Self-Doubt and More Action with Stacey Wedding

I am so excited to share this guest with you, because it’s important to me that you hear what is possible for you when you prioritize your overall health and well-being. 

Stacey Wedding is the founder, CEO and chief strategist of Professionals in Philanthropy. Over the past year she has not only improved her relationship with all things “health” and her body and gained more self-confidence, Awesome, right?

I‘m sharing this with you today because, perhaps like you, Stacey struggled with knowing how to listen to her body, lacked the confidence to put herself first AND go after her big goals, and had a serious fear of failure (and success). But when she decided to make a commitment towards moving out of that and into a place of empowerment, many things changed.

Has it been perfect, hell no! Having a plan and support definitely helps though!

Tune in to this special interview and learn about Stacey’s journey as a business owner, her experience in the Ascend Mastermind, and the things that have helped her grow over this last year.

Ready to create your own success story? Start creating confidence, figuring out where the heck you want to go (and how you’ll get there), and taking MASSIVE action in a community of like-minded women just like you!

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