6 Strategies for Scaling Down Stress in Your Life

If you’ve got big goals and big responsibilities - a business, family obligations, to-do lists - you likely have a fair amount of stress. You may have tried a few things to manage it, but have been unsuccessful. Or, maybe you think that to do everything you want to do, stress is just a given. So you deal with it. 

Not anymore!

As Lou Holtz says, it isn’t the load you’re carrying - it’s how you carry it.  It comes down to developing a more positive and productive relationship with stress (and the experience) and deciding how you can manage it so the load doesn’t feel so damn heavy.

So what I have for you this week is six strategies you can use to reduce stress and overwhelm in your own life. They range from removing or ignoring stressful stimuli, to changing how you react to stressors, to making yourself more mentally equipped to handle what life hurls at you. And here’s the easy part: you don’t need to do all of them—just find the tool that works best for you.

The Details of This Episode:

- Be conscious throughout the day of what you’re thinking about and intentionally pivot toward more positive and constructive thoughts—Kelly’s fun little technique will help you out here.

- Being an uncritical people pleaser will burn you out in time. Learn when to say no to people, even the ones you love. And construct a boundary between yourself and potentially stressful daily news.

- Minimize distractions. Don’t let yourself be at the beck and call of social media, email and phone calls all day. Keep a steady schedule for when other people should contact you.

- Be intentional about the time you take off rather than just cramming in breaks when you can—and no, checking social media does NOT count as a break!

- Cultivate gratitude in your life as if there’s a garden full of it—keeping a gratitude journal will help you do this.

- Be mindful about how you breath. Use measured breathing before engaging in potentially stressful situations to keep your heart rate down and mind at ease.

- TAKE ACTION:  reach out to me via email or social media and let me know if these strategies have helped to take your mind off some of the regular stressors in your life.


“We can play the victim and complain about being stressed and overwhelmed, or we can show up and do something about it.”

“We have to manage the stress rather than let it manage us.”

“If you’re giving away all your time to other people, you are going to be stressed.”

“You have control and you don’t need to feel this way.”

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