No Ego, Just Love

This image. His squeals. This is my little free spirit living in the light. 

Running free.

What would happen if we released all our fears and removed ourselves from the darkness our ego keeps us in?

The ego that tricks us into believing that our fears are real; that we must walk (or run) cautiously forward because of what may linger in the dark.

There was a time, before we knew any better, when we ran free. When the ego didn’t have a voice and we didn’t have a care in the world.

We ran with little concern for what could happen, tripping and falling mid-stride, only to pull ourselves back up and carry on.

Now, the walls are up and we are controlled by the fears that take up space in our subconscious. 

I’ve given my ego the power for most of my life, by letting it manifest a million fears in my mind. Fear of not being good enough; fear of not being accepted; fear of failing or letting others down; fear of gaining weight; fear of needing someone else; fear of feeling. 

These fears still come up all the time, and instead of smashing them down like a whac-a-mole - sometimes I allow them to control my every move. 

In the end, instead of inviting love in, I react by attacking myself and others - with hurtful words, criticisms and anger. 

Fear, letting my ego in the drivers seat, has cost me a lot.

I’ve denied myself love.
I’ve held on to resentment.
I’ve harmed my body & spirit.
I’ve sabotaged relationships & opportunities.

There have been times, when I’ve hit rock bottom in life, that I’ve been forced to surrender and detach myself from these toxic ways. And those times have been the biggest catalysts for change - allowing me to let go of fears, release regret & resentment, and invite love in.

Removing the roadblocks.

So, what if we stopped choosing fear, and started choosing love? 

It’s a practice in taking back control and releasing the fears that block us from joy, peace and freedom.

Or, simply put, beginning to view life through the lens of a toddler - no ego, just L.O.V.E.

Let your spirit run free. 

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