Personal Growth On The Yoga Mat

One of the many reasons I am sad to be moving - THIS amazing woman. Ugh. I will miss her so. Our paths crossed a little over a year ago, when the week after moving to Charlotte, I took her Vinyasa class. 

At three months pregnant I was in search of a yoga studio that would meet my need for a powerful flow with some soul - I hit the jackpot with Ashley. And, I went religiously until the day my water broke during her class - somewhere between 3-point and warrior pose. 

Ashley has a balance of brightness & darkness within her. She speaks with ease and compassion; her movement is authentic and graceful. When she talks, you can feel the emotion, the scars and the color that fill her soul. Her heart is one that could tell stories. 

Each class I left so much of myself on that mat. And, for much of my time there, I had a partner growing and moving with me. We both benefitted from those classes.

I fell in love with her teaching style, the perfect flow. I lost myself in her words, also a perfect flow that she uses to set the tone for class. Words that prove she is an old soul. 

I found myself silently weeping on my yoga mat, on more than one occasion - and each time, I ventured deeper within my own soul.

When I entered class, no matter what was going on in life, I left feeling rejuvenated. Energized. Lite & free. She calmed me when I was angry, filled me with hope during rough times, brought me into the present. She challenged me to be mindful, to tune in, and focus on my intention. Oh, and she took me through one hell of a workout too! 

Tonight, as I flowed through my last class with her before the move - it was with both effort and ease that I was able to get through. I shed quite a few silent tears as I worked through the poses, thinking of all that has happened over the year - and how much of it was hashed out through mind and movement in that room. 

Ashley - you are a dear friend, an amazing yoga teacher, and a beautiful soul. I will miss seeing you each week but I'm sure we will be doing yoga together again soon. ;)