Lessons Learned From My Dad

I might be partial, but I happen to be the daughter of the greatest father in the world.

He is kind, honest, compassionate, loyal, driven, devoted, creative, adventurous, caring, loving & supportive. (To say the least.)

His life has been spent doing the work, to provide for his family. My brother and I made sure to give him some extra special challenges along the way - but, he is resilient and determined.

He showed me the value of hard work & self-discipline, the importance of independence, and taught me that happiness lives in the heart. He continually reminds me that no goal is ever out of reach. And as a student of life, I have learned from him that we are never too old to make a change or improve ourselves.

Because of him I've been persistent in the pursuit of what I want, I know the importance of family, and I have come to understand that moving forward is healthier then being stuck in the past.

He doesn’t judge nor does he tell you what to do. He listens, yet only gives advice if asked; he supports, while giving you an extra nudge; he sacrifices his own time for others; and, he is a blast to be around.

He is and always has been my greatest role model; my biggest cheerleader; my hero.

While parenting isn’t easy for anyone, with each passing year I’ve witnessed him grow with us, and step into his role as dad with grace & strength. He loves unconditionally, believes in others, and he always shows up.

Together we've both learned to be a bit more vulnerable, especially when it comes to issues of the heart.

But it doesn’t end at fatherhood, he thrives in his role as a grandfather. I know the kind of bond I have with him, and it’s special, but seeing him form his own relationship with my boys takes it to an entirely different level. When he's with them he gets down on their level, teaches them about respect & resilience, and showers them with love & affection.

They love their grandpa, and why wouldn't they?

He's pretty damn special.

Kelly TravisComment