Being Stubborn Isn't A Flaw, It's A Gift

Growing up and as an adult, I've always been referred to as stubborn. (Yep, true story.) And, for most of my life, it was perceived by me as a negative character trait. Because, well - that's kind of the general perception.

While being stubborn definitely presented challenges, inhibiting me from growth & affecting relationships (I hate admitting I'm wrong) - I eventually learned that if used correctly it can be an extremely powerful tool. 

There is real value in stubbornness, this I've come to know.  

Stubbornness pushed me to fight for my life, when I was barely hanging on.

Stubbornness is what drove me to confidently go after big career goals in a competitive industry.

Stubbornness is what pushed me outside of my guarded comfort zone & into soul-shaking relationships with depth.

Stubbornness (combined with a little self-love) is what took me from appearing to live a healthy life to actually living a healthy, sustainable life. 

When it comes to pursuing our goals, whether health & fitness or career & relationships - stubbornness can come in pretty handy. 

It's what pushes you to stand face-to-face with your fears, insecurities & doubt. It moves you from excuses & self-judgement to self-discipline & self-respect. It's what allows you to be resilient in the face of challenge. When life hands you a pile of poo, it's what keeps you going even after you've stepped in it. 

I haven't only seen it in myself, I've witnessed it in the women I work with too. Here's what I've seen:

Women who bounce back from tremendously painful moments and come out stronger than they were before.

Women who prioritize their self-care in the pursuit of what they really want for themselves.

Women who boldly choose a difficult path because they know it is right, despite how vulnerable it makes them. 

Women who strongly declare what they want and then make it happen. 

Amazing stuff, right? It's inspiring to see the possibilities that are available when we extract that goodness that is inside of us. When we capitalize on stubbornness to change the course of our future.

Being stubborn isn't a flaw, it's a gift.

It moves us to not give up...never settle...fight for what we believe open to possibilities...push boundaries. 

If you have an ounce of stubbornness in your body (and I know you do), you can begin to tap into that gift as you work towards your goals. Stubbornness combined with self-discipline and a little self-love will provide you will endless possibilities for growth and change. And, if you need  a little extra help extracting that stubbornness - my Private Coaching options might appeal to you.


I urge you to begin to see the beauty in your stubbornness, and use it to your advantage. And the next time someone calls you stubborn, thank them. At this stage in my life, I firmly believe it's a compliment.