We Belong To Eachother

I went to bed very unsettled & full of anger last night, as I'm sure most people did. The series of events this week, the violence and the hate, it is all just too much. As a mother of two small boys I feel an even greater responsibility to this country to raise men who respect & love. I do and plan on spending every single day of my life instilling love, acceptance and peace in their hearts.

The solution to hate is not more hate. Yet, it's happening everywhere.

The last thing we need to start doing now is drawing a line between black and blue, it will just fuel more anger; more violence. We need more peace and love. We are one human family and we all need each other right now.

It's easy to blame, get angry, voice opinions and throw stones. It's far more difficult to move into a place of love, but right now following the tragic events of this week as well as over the past few months - we need more of it.

We must love more and hate less.

We must grieve now and banish fear.

We must open our hearts to others, and stop spewing violent words.

Let's pray for the lives lost and all those affected by the recent violence.

For all lives, for every color, everywhere.

Let's stop this cycle of violence and begin to love each other more and hate less.

Let's come together for our children, and our children's children, by making a commitment to make this world a better place.

#blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter