A Healthy Mindset

The belief out there is that if we are moving and eating perfectly, we are healthy - and that's untrue. 

The truth, my lovelies, is that a healthy mindset trumps a "healthy lifestyle". 

Yes, of course eating right and moving daily are important (when not obsessive) for many reasons - but if you are a ball of anger, carrying stress or full of negativity - you will still wreak havoc on your system.

How many people do you know that live the perfect healthy lifestyle but are a mess inside? I've been that person in the past, and I wasn't healthy. Society has us convinced that the outside is what matters, but that's a$$ backwards. 

If you truly want to be healthy...work on the inside. 
Usually if you have your head together, the healthy stuff will follow - cause you're happy!

It requires bravery, vulnerability and self acceptance - but it's worth it for your health. Don't you think?