When Referring To Yourself Use Nouns, Not Adjectives

In those moments when we feel negative, judgmental and, insecure & vulnerable, it's important to try and flip that body image lens and look at what's inside (instead of what's outside). It's frightening & easy to turn away from, but I'm here to tell you the woman inside is pretty f-ing awesome. 

When our minds are full of negative self talk that ignores our real beauty & strength as feminine bodies & spirits, then we take up the space we could be using for positive energy and action. 

Our brains have been programmed to run like a broken record, repeating the same negative messages over and over. But, giving attention to our ego & speaking harshly to ourselves just makes us vulnerable to stuff out there. It creates negative energy (doesn't promote health or happiness) & diffuses our flame. 

And that flame, my friends, is the beauty in your soul. 

THAT'S the good stuff. 

So, what noun are you using day to describe your beautiful self?

Kelly TravisComment