Mind Before Muscles

What good does being physically strong do, if on the inside we are a train wreck? 

A healthy mindset results in mental strength that is far more valuable than a nice pair of biceps. 

I for one was a total train wreck but could run fast and because I ate a lot of green veggies I appeared "healthy". But, on the inside my mental state was wreaking havoc on my body (digestion, sleep, stress) - and I was a hot mess with so many issues of perfectionism, fear, shame, anger - you name it!

As a society we spend so much time obsessing over our physical appearance when we should be putting just as much time (if not more) into exercising our minds. 

Working on the inside is where "health" truly begins and how we connect with our strength. 

What do you do, when you feel strong?

Kelly TravisComment