Never Miss A Monday

I've seen the posts, "never miss a Monday", and each time I see them I cringe. It's just another example of society & the fitness industry perpetuating the idea that we can't stop, shouldn't take a break! But what if you dare to miss a Monday? 

Might you gain energy? Motivation? Rejuvenate your body/mind? Get some rest? Give yourself some much needed self care?

My career is in the health & fitness industry & I'm an athlete, but my point of view is very different. However, I used to totally believe in never missing a day - ever. That mean girl in my head told me all kinds of nasty things about myself in an effort to push me past exhaustion, to live a rigid life and always strive for perfection. But it came at a hefty price...and sucked the joy right out of me.

I'm not suggesting that you choose the path of least resistance all the time, but I am suggesting that you learn to listen to your body. If you're one of those that ignores your bod because you are afraid, because you spew hateful messages of laziness & failure at yourself - tell that inner voice to shut the heck up. And then, give yourself some love. 

Not all days are created equal. Sometimes rest is what we need. Sometimes what we had planned changes and maybe we need something else instead. We need to be okay with giving ourselves permission to say no, to not live perfectly. To break some rules. 

What you do on Monday doesn't define you. It has absolutely nada to do with your self worth.

You are worth it every damn day of the week. Remember that. 

And drop the rules.

Kelly TravisComment