A New Twist On Setting Resolutions

2018 is only a few days away.

The beginning of a new year is exciting because it’s filled with promise, potential and the idea of a “fresh start”. We feel like we are hitting a reset button, and therefore there is a lot of buzz around setting resolutions. But, do resolutions really inspire action? I don’t believe they do.

Let’s be honest. Despite the fact that the New Year brings much excitement, it’s also a hectic time of year as we get back into routines and the busyness of life. So, proclaiming a “resolution” without a plan merely becomes a statement - with nothing to back it up And no concrete strategy for how you will get there. 

When we set intentional goals by putting in a bit more time and thought, our efforts will yield much better results. Here’s how I approach the process, and shift resolutions into action. 

What do you see for yourself? Think BIG and small. In order to know where you want to go, you need to be clear on what you want. Our goals and intentions feel so much more realistic when we can create an approach that is sustainable, and when we know how we want to feel. Do you want your year to be filled with simplicity? More laughter? Time outdoors? Friends? Maybe you want to let go of perfectionism? How you want to feel should define your approach to 2018.

Acknowledge 2017. Sure, I know it wasn’t perfect - but think over the year and pull out the highlights (and the lows, for that matter). So often, especially when you are a high performer (which I know you are), we skip over the most important part of setting new goals, which is reflecting on the good stuff that has happened - and taking note of what really lit us up. We can’t create new goals without a little retrospection, because we learn what’s most important to us (and for us) by taking a glimpse back.

Craft a fulfilling 2018. Now for the fun part. Take some time to consider...what areas of your life do you want to focus on? Is it career, physical health, a relationship (with self or someone else), improving your environment? What can you do to make sure your goals are in alignment with who you are? And, most importantly, do these goals fit within the context of real human life? Meaning life is filled with responsibilities and  unknowns - so keep that in mind. It can be helpful to bounce things off of your friends, family or your partner to gain insight and also accountability. 

Identify any potential roadblocks. You know that 2018 will be like all the other years, in that there will be obstacles, resistance and some self doubt. Setting out to accomplish any goal is a tough task and thats why knowing your triggers and what could potentially derail you will help you stay proactive in your efforts. So when setting your goals and creating an action plan, ask yourself... What could get in the way of accomplishing my goals in 2018? What has tripped me up in the past?

Set some dates. If you don’t make your goals a priority by dedicating real time towards them, how will you accomplish them? No successful high performer has achieved their goals without setting aside time to do the work. For those reasons, I recommend calendaring this specific time in your calendar each week (possibly multiple times a week), so you stay committed and on track. It is one meeting you do NOT want to cancel.

That’s what you need for a good start this coming year. I’m still fleshing out my own 2018 goals which I’ll be sure to share in the coming weeks, but one major intention will be incorporating a bit more self-care into the mix. 

I wish you all a healthy and fulfilling 2018!



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