3 Big Mistakes Keeping You from Real Change

As we enter the home stretch of 2019, it isn’t too farfetched to guess that more than a few of you are feeling the overwhelm of the upcoming holiday season and, if you have kids, the new school year. The drive that keeps you going week in and week out can be so, so easily halted by any number of things in our own minds: fear, exhaustion, and even perfectionism.

Last month I had the honor of talking about this very subject at the Lucy Hobbs Project You event put on by the University of Detroit Mercy. So before these last few months of the year leave you feeling too burnt out, I want to ignite a fire in your soul.

In the course of my short but informative talk, I discuss 3 common mistakes we make that can sabotage our ability to create change in our life. Stay tuned through the end of this episode to learn about the free downloadable exercise you can find on my site right now. It will help you figure out where exactly you’re running into these limiting fears in your life and how you can push past them.

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The Details of This Episode:

- What a recent study told us about how many people in the United States actually feel happy.

- How fear is THE major factor in keeping us from pursuing the major changes we need to make in our life in order to feel more fulfilled.

- Taking a closer look at how our own brains can set us up to fail—and why we need to take a stand against those limiting thoughts.

- I relate the moment I chose to stand up to the fear holding me back and take control of my life.

- Accepting that there’s no one size fits all approach to self-improvement: it takes time, trial and error to find a strategy that works best for you.

- What it means to be wary of the “barracuda” in your life.

- TAKE ACTION: Go to http://www.kellytravis.net/21 and take my free exercise that will allow you to identify the problem areas in your life and what you can do gain ground in your development.


“The people who make big changes in their life, they don’t wanna do it, but they get to that next level because they do.”

“Motivation is like kindling—you only need a little spark!”

“Health and wellbeing is not just cardio and kale… it’s what your relationships are like.”

“Done is better than perfect.”

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