Unapologetically Ascending: Aligning Values and Purpose with Kimberly Kindig

This week, I’m chatting with another highly ambitious woman who is part of the Ascend mastermind community, Kimberly Kindig.

Kimberly is the CEO of Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada. A Las Vegas native, she’s worked in nonprofits for most of her career and is passionate about building and strengthening our community. But like many of us, Kimberly felt a bit out of alignment with her work and her life, and she knew she needed to move out of her comfort zone and take action towards creating change - both personally and professionally. In this interview Kimberly will share the remarkable transitions and transformations she experienced once she became crystal clear on her values and goals. From creating simple habits that improved her wellbeing to beefing up her confidence muscle so she could take a risk, she has definitely “ascended”. If you’re having difficulty figuring out how to get “unstuck” in your career or your life, and perhaps unclear about what you may even want, this conversation is for YOU.

REMINDER!! My Ascend Mastermind’s current cohort is open for the next three weeks and starts in November. You will have the opportunity to work with other badass, ambitious women all year long as you work to reach your goals. If you want to master how you think, act and feel so you can create the business and lifestyle that you want, then apply here.

And be sure to listen to the end of this episode, where I delve into the changes that will be coming to this podcast very soon.

The Details of This Episode:

- What was the biggest challenge Kimberly faced in her life prior to her joining my Ascend Mastermind.

- Discussing the dissatisfaction Kimberly felt that propelled her to seek out the company and support of other driven women like herself.

- What’s changed for Kimberly since she opened herself up to the reinforcement and shared trust of my Mastermind.

- How Kimberly went about making the necessary shifts in her mindset and lifestyle in order to get the most out of Ascend.

- Kimberly’s powerful advice for those currently on the fence about enrolling in my Ascend Mastermind.

- BIG NEWS: Why I’m changing the name of the Healthy High Performer podcast, which important things will remain the same, and who you can expect to hear from for the remainder of the year.


“Working in the nonprofit space takes a lot of energy and passion and you have to be able to bring it every day.”

“It’s okay for me to want the things I want.”

“Making that change has really created space for me to be able to really take a look at my health and focus on healthy habits.”

“The investment into Ascend is really and truly an investment into someone’s personal growth.”

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