Those Thoughts, Are They True?

If you’re human, your brain is constantly tossing out negative thoughts.


I’d bet $$ that you probably chastise yourself daily because you believe you shouldn’t be thinking negatively. (That’s what society tells us.)

There’s nothing wrong with you. We are all wired to be negative (yep, thank evolution for that one.) We are conditioned to remember the negative experiences and stories and to predict negative future events because, survival. Further, we need to have contrast in our emotions to experience life as it is - you don’t want to be happy when you lose your job, right?

I like to think of the brain as one of those tennis ball machines that keeps shooting out balls without pause. As soon as you hit one back, another one comes flying at your face. (Or at least that’s what I imagine, I’m not a tennis player - I would just run from the balls.) 🤣🤣

The brain likes to create drama (#dramaqueen), and just like someone battling that tennis ball contraption, you’ve gotta do the work to throw back the negative thoughts and come up with positive ones.

Just because you think a thought does not mean you should believe it. Our thoughts aren’t always facts, so you need to challenge them and ask - is this true? From there you can decide if you should be flipping that script and changing your belief, it just takes practice.

Worry and negativity can cause chronic stress (and crazy distraction) which will wreak havoc on your health and totally eff with your ability to show up your best. So, if you’re dodging negativity left and right and feeling it, it’s time to do a little work.

Could you benefit from a change in your thought process? Should you be challenging the thoughts that come up and questioning if you should believe them?

Give it a try. Our feelings are determined by our thoughts, which then result in how we choose to act. The benefit in questioning that brain is that you will begin to change how you feel as a result of what you choose to believe and dispute. And then…holy crap, you might just start seeing different results in your life! Make sense?

Kelly TravisComment