[Gentle] booty kicking 👇🏼

In my teen years, I was mildly obsessed with lifting weights. My BFF and I would hit the gym a few times a week even if we had 🏃🏻‍♀️practice that day.

And it wasn’t just because we loved flirting with the boys (duh, high school girls), I loved how my body felt when I lifted really heavy things.

Strong. Powerful. Capable.

Then college happened, and my story completely changed.

My coach warned us, sometimes threatened, that if we lifted weights we’d get heavy. Too big. We wouldn’t be fast (as in, successful).

So I stopped. For a long time.

That story spiraled into stories surrounding not just my perception of myself but also what drives success. So in my effort to shrink in size, I simultaneously began to shrink my goals, my voice and my confidence..

In the midst of a lot of major life changes (and work on myself), I started picking up the weights again. It was an effing game changer, not just physically but emotionally as well.

I took back my strength, my courage and my power.

You can’t be powerfully effective if you don’t feel strong and powerful yourself; you can’t be full of might and strength if you deny your body (and mind) all the things.

It doesn’t have to be about dumbbells. If you find that you’re shrinking a part of yourself in an effort to be more successful, accepted, loved, in control, or whatever else - STOP IT.

What can you do today to feel strong and powerful?

(P.S. If this stung at all, you probably needed to hear it. #sorrynotsorry)

Kelly TravisComment