The Fear Of Falling

The fear of falling is really the fear of flying.

Every time I attempt a handstand, or any movement that challenges both physically & mentally, I'm reminded of how the work I do on my body is very similar to the work I do on my soul.

Transformation can feel uncomfortable because we aren’t used to it and in order to transform, we have to change. And, let’s face it, change is scary! But, it’s soooooo good. It brings about all kinds of fears & and anxieties, much like attempting a handstand, but that fear is just our ego talking. It's that sly voice in our head filling us with doubt, steeling our confidence. When we learn to tune out the ego, to embrace where we are at, we can begin to shed old beliefs about ourselves.

We learn to let go, so we can begin to fly.

These days, I've started to let go of the fears that have held me back from hard decisions, and I'm beginning to fly.

I’m learning to be grateful for the process and the lessons that come with it.

I’m learning to be patient with myself, and to find the bravery in my heart to go where I am being called to go.

I’m learning to block out fear, and allow change and growth to flow through me.

We are all a work in progress, both physically and emotionally. Growing and changing, every day. The truth is, sometimes we have to fall a few times before we discover we are able to fly.

In my trials with falling, and I've fallen hard, I've learned that fear is the enemy. Don’t shy away or hide from the fear and self doubt. Step into it. Own it. Change the stories you are telling yourself, and when you fall (cause you will) get up and try again.

There’s no rush to get to a goal, the most important thing is to accept the process and breathe into the challenge. Appreciate where you are at, sit in the discomfort, and experience the transformations happening in your life.

Start simply by planting the seed and watch yourself grow.

Kelly TravisComment