Find Your Tribe To Reach Your Goals

In my 20’s I didn’t like women. In fact, most of my close friends were men. (I know, it sounds bitchy...)

I was so uncomfortable with myself, so disconnected, that the idea of having close girlfriends kind of scared me. Add to that, I judged myself so often that as a result, I judged them.

I’m a highly competitive girl, so while I admired the shit out of women - that admiration triggered a lot of feelings of shame.

I always felt different. I never felt good enough..

I was afraid to be seen.

I felt safer with men (was a lie I told myself) and if you know my whole story, that’s BANANAS. (It’s a story for another time.)

What I learned along my own journey is that you can’t lift others up (and really mean it) if you are still in a battle with yourself.

When I felt the trigger of “less than” when admiring another woman, I immediately shamed myself. When I judged myself, I was judging others too.

It was when I finally did the work, or basically said “eff it” and stopped trying to be perfect and stood in my truth, that I began to experience genuine connection with women. And men too.

You can imagine that I never predicted part of my life’s purpose would one day be to uplift women. But damn I am SO glad it is...

Supporting and pushing women to reach there full potential is what sets my heart on fire. 🔥 Bringing women together who are like-minded, who are invested in becoming their best self and achieving some big goals, it’s a humbling experience. And while they are in different places on their journey, the power that comes from knowing you are supported by women who “get you” is hard to beat.

If you don’t feel worthy, if you’re constantly wearing a mask of perfection, if you don’t love your true self - like me, you’ll push others away and ultimately lack the connection that we all need to thrive.

Whether you need a tribe that gets you OR you want to uplift others in your circle - it starts with learning to love on yourself first.

I know it isn’t easy, trust me. Like everything, you’ve gotta babystep yourself into it. But, it is possible. What I found is that the more I searched out people who were like me, women who shared the same values and beliefs as I do, the safer I felt being myself.

Tribes are powerful, but only if they are the right people for you. And sometimes you can’t wait around to be ready, you just need to count to three and dive right in.

What tiny step can you take to drop the wall, to remove the mask, to shed the perfection and connect with someone you trust on a deeper level? 💜

The right people want to see all of you. By being authentic, you’ll ultimately make others feel safe and supported too. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

Kelly TravisComment