Why I Started the Healthy High Performer Podcast

I am SOOOO excited to bring you the very first episode of the Healthy High Performer Podcast. I’ve built my coaching and facilitating career around helping high achieving professionals and entrepreneurs prioritize their health and well-being so they can fuel their success in work and life.

In this first episode I share what lead me to this point and why my own personal and professional experiences allow me to empower individuals, groups and leadership teams to make big changes in not only their personal lives but their professional ones too.

Listen in as I lay out what kind of content you can expect to hear on this show, reveal what my rocky climb toward personal success was like, and challenge you to take the first step on your road to total health.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

- My definition of a Healthy High Performer.

- Why you can still be unhealthy in spite of eating and exercising well.

- Building up the courage to face change so we aren’t stuck with safe but uninspiring comforts.

- Why I will look closely at how the brain works and how it affects our choices during the course of this podcast.

- The moment that put my life in perspective and convinced me to turn my situation around.

- Why self-awareness is the single most critical piece to improving your circumstances.

- The one action I want you to take today: seek out and question the subconscious limiting thoughts that have been holding us back.


“It’s my mission to help high performers not only achieve greater health, but reach a new level of success and have happiness because of it.”

“Transformation doesn’t happen unless we move from knowing to doing.”

“Get in the habit of asking questions and getting curious.”

“What matters is that the thought helps you move forward in a positive way.”

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