I Bought A House. 🏡

I bought a house this week. 🏡

Yes, I know, it might not seem like anything remarkable. A lot of people do it, but let’s remember - our goals (and the things that scare us) are unique to our own personal experiences. In fact, I’ve owned two previous homes in the past, but that was another season of life and honestly that season feels like a lifetime ago. 

This time, it’s different. 

This time, I’m taking another step towards independence. 

This time, I’m doing this for my boys.

The entire experience was emotional. Scary. To make that commitment on my own was just...woah. 

I hadn’t realized how sensitive I was about it until I went to sign the closing papers and the woman said to me, “You’re buying this house as an unmarried woman, correct?” (It was purely part of the process, but damn...)

It stung. Not because I want to be married or to even have that label, in fact that’s just it - I don’t want any labels. Why can’t it just be, I’m buying this house as Kelly Travis? (Clearly it opened up an old wound that I wasn’t expecting.)

While I have a shit ton of self-awareness and have done a lot of work around my past, in that moment it felt like I was being judged for my past. For my position in life. And part of me wanted to look at her and tell her the whole tale of how I got here, all the tears and courage and triumphs that occurred over the years, but we still had an entire book to sign and I wanted to get the heck on with it. (You know that book I’m talking about!)

If I had told her, I would have said that this house was for my boys. That they deserve stability and a mom who has the courage to take on something bigger than herself. And that even though it was a gigantic stretch for me to make that down payment (I seriously had butterflies in my stomach requesting that wire transfer 😬), I know I’ll make it back. 

I just know it.

I would have told her that I’ve learned to trust in my abilities and my potential and that I know that I will do whatever it takes to take care of my little family. That I will make that money back and then some. I’ll make sure of it.

So YES, I AM buying this house as an unmarried women and I‘m damn proud of it.

I share this with you because you are a strong, capable human with so much damn potential just waiting for you to light the damn match. 

Maybe you know this and you are owning it on a regular basis. 


Maybe you tend to slink back into your comfort zone because you are just so dang scared of what going after your potential involves. Will you fail? Will you succeed? 

I get it. I really do. 

And I’m here to tell you that while you might feel comfortable in your current circumstances - your health, your career, your relationship, you name it - at some point you WILL look back and ask yourself why you didn’t take action. 

Why you didn’t get serious about your health...

Why you stayed stuck in your career and didn’t try to move up (or move on)...

Why you settled in your relationship...

Why you avoid self-care like the damn plague...

The answer is simple. That mean girl (or guy) in your head just kept telling you that you couldn’t. That you weren’t capable. That you weren’t enough. That you aren’t worth it.

And you believed her. She’s been saying these things to you for so long you don’t even question it.

STOP believing the mean girl. 

START challenging her and see how she responds.

You can do the hard stuff. 

You might feel like you want to quit (I tried to pull out of purchasing this house AT LEAST 3 times) and you’ll definitely be uncomfortable.

But consider this…

Wat has it cost you, is it costing you, and will it cost you if you continue to believe the mean girl?

You can do it. I believe in you.



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