The Importance of Integrative Movement w/ Real Results Fitness

The health and wellness category is saturated with “experts” who spend a lot of time selling men and women a “one size fits all” idea, when the truth is – what works for me, may not work for you.

If you know me, you know that I detest trainers and health gurus who push quick fixes, drastic detoxes and aggressive plans that are unsustainable. Because of my own philosophy, I am drawn to people and organizations that work to help the individual, rather than selling to the masses.

Enter: Real Results Fitness.

I adore and respect the hell out of the owners and coaches at RRF, because they don’t just preach exercise – they empower their clients to create a sustainable lifestyle.

RRF has a reputation of being a gym that pushes their clients to make realistic habit changes that over time result in positive transformations, both physically & mentally. While they are passionate about helping people achieve their personal health goals, they respect effort over a specific outcome.

And, they walk the talk.

I’m thrilled to have them as a fitness partner, particularly with the first Lake Las Vegas Refresh Retreat! And therefore, wanted to take a moment to share a little more about them with you.

This interview is with one of the owners of RR and one of my very dear friends, Bryan Nelson. Physical activity and sports have always been a major driving force in Bryan’s life and he finds passion in competition. With age comes change and now he mostly competes with himself in order to better than the man he was the day before. Since joining the fitness industry one of his greatest joys has been witnessing the moments when Real Results members push past a perceived boundary – the point of greatest gain.

What makes RR different than Crossfit gyms?

Every person’s body is different which requires different types of programming. The Crossfit model revolves around the W.O.D “Workout of the day” strategy, a predetermined workout that everybody participates in. While Crossfit does decrease and progress weights/loads according to one’s fitness level, customization is left out. At Real Results our trainers are able to create customized programming and still maintain the energy and fun of a group session.

I'm a firm believer that exercise (and overall health) can impact an individual's success in other areas of their life. What are your thoughts on this? 

I could give a weeklong talk on this topic. Exercise and just being a healthy human makes you a happier person. So then the question becomes, how does being happy impact other areas of your life? You’re more confident; you have more energy; and, possess a greater level of focus. The list goes on forever.

What are your thoughts on rest and recovery?

This is the one area of a healthy lifestyle that gets neglected. I am guilty of this at times as well. I can tell you from experience though that recovery is just as if not more important that a regular exercise routine. The majority of the aging population (30+) have general aches and pains, and many just plain hurt. We hear it all the time, “I am just getting old”. When in reality they have just not taken care of their body and are now feeling the affects. A consistent routine that includes stretching, foam rolling, massage, and yoga can make a significant improvement to everyone's daily life.

Another one of my big topics, because so many people think that it has to be an "either or". Do you think it’s possible to go after big goals while still taking care of yourself?

I think it is essential that you make your health a priority while taking on a big goal. Generally big goals come with big stress. You need to be firing on all cylinders to tackle big goals in order to achieve a high level of success. Don’t your goals deserve the best you?

How do you integrate self-care into your work with clients?

In most cases my clients have flat out ignored themselves for years and are in a pretty bad place when we start. I have found that it takes introducing change into their lives at a slow pace: In week 1 we focus on just making it to the gym; week 2 being conscious of what we are eating; week 3 making smarter eating decisions; and, week 4 incorporate daily stretching into their routine. The list just keeps going, but is different for everyone. In two short months they have made 9-10 life changing habits and that's when the results happen.

How do you integrate self-care into your own life?

I am extremely busy and honestly over committed in my obligations. So I live by my schedule. If I want to do something or know I need to for myself I block off the time to do so. BUT my definition of self-care is pretty broad. So this includes reading, meditation, practice breathing, along with working out and recovery.

With the Lake Las Vegas Refresh Retreat coming up, can you tell us what the Detox to Retox entails?

This is my favorite event we run every month. Our lives are moving fast. Some of us are spinning out of control. In my case I go to the gym, workout and get right back to work. I have a lot of people I know while I am there but all I know is what we exchange in those short periods of time between running from one event to another in our lives. Detox to Retox gives you 60 minutes of yoga to focus on yourself. We stretch, breath, relax, let go and anything else you may take away from yoga. Then when that’s done we get to hang out with our fellow class mates, have a drink or two and socialize. You get to spend time in a setting with people you may see all the time but never in this environment.

You have a lot of quotes on the walls at your gyms, what is your current favorite?

Whenever I am faced with a tough decision, I recite this quote from Jim Rohn. It has always served me well.

"We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is the pain of discipline weighs ounces while the pain of regret weighs tons." 

As a fitness partner, Real Results will be participating in the 2.5 Day transformational retreat June 2-4. It is coming up quick and spaces are limited! If you need to prioritize your wellness so you can achieve your next level of success in work and life, please check out the details for the Lake Las Vegas Refresh. 


*If you are interested in hoping on a call with me to explore whether this event is the right fit for you, please complete the form to schedule a call. 


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