Let's see...I'm a bit of a spitfire with a sarcastic slant and a type-A personality. I hate to lose, am addicted to peanut butter, and I love being a mom to my two boys.

I'm a personal trainer, holistic health coach, and body image warrior – who is passionate about working with women (and men) who have big dreams and an even bigger drive.

During my first years of college, while a competitive athlete, I battled an eating disorder that nearly stole my life. Years of perfectionism, the need to please, and my fear of failure caught up to me. In the quest to be the best, I lost it all. (You can read the full story here). It took a lot of work, therapy, and a tremendous amount of courage to get through that insanely difficult period of time. Honestly, it was about a 15 year journey to put myself back together because while I had physically recovered, I was still pretty mucked up on the inside.

In my mid-twenties, after my identity had been stripped away as an athlete, I poured all of my energy into my career. Just as I had sacrificed my health to be the best runner, I began to sacrifice my health for my career success. I was hellbent on proving myself as a woman in a mans world, and failed to realize that I could be feminine & powerful at the same time. I didn't think that I could be successful but still take care of myself - that felt to vulnerable. So, I strived for perfection in every area of my life - and at all costs. I worked mad hours, traded in sleep for insane workouts, and became emotionally unavailable to my family & friends. I neglected my health and fed into the societal beliefs that in order to be successful I had to go harder, faster, and better. I was a rockstar at work, and by all appearances the rest of my life looked to be pretty damn good - but in truth, I was a hot mess. I continued to have an unhealthy relationship with food, I was depressed, my relationships were suffering, and I shamed my body daily. Not to mention, as I became more depleted - my energy & passion for my work declined.

The good news - I figured it out (eventually). It wasn't until I found out I was pregnant with our first son that I had my aha moment. It was at this time that I realized in order to continue to be influential in my career & raise I child - I needed to make my health a priority. It was no longer just about me. I discovered new motivation to find peace with food, balance out my exercise and introduce self-care into my life so that I could be my best for my family & feel powerful in my career. Now a mom to two babes, the importance of self care and self acceptance has been further embedded into my heart & mind. 

Of course not every day is perfect, and some days I fall victim to body image shaming or perfectionism (hello, I'm human!) - but most days my issues are in the past because I've learned to live a life without so many damn rules. It was a long road, but I came out a lot stronger - and along the way I realized that by ignoring my health I was also ignoring my desires, my intuition, & my internal power.

I learned that being vulnerable is scary - but not loving your whole self is even scarier. 

I used to think that movement was an all or nothing thing. That I had to work myself to the bone or it didn't count, and that being rigid with my diet was the only way to be healthy. Now I know that's all untrue - and the road to health has much more to do with how we perceive ourselves as well as our emotional health.

 Health should be easy, not complicated - because life is already complicated enough.  I don't do rules, I don't do rigid, and I don't do B.S. shakes for lunch. Instead, I do a whole lot of tuning in to what my body really needs - and tuning out that mean girl that used to hang around. She has her purpose, but when it comes to my health - I don't need her. 

I believe in a simple principle – every BODY is different. What works for me won't necessarily work for you, and vice versa.  But, the one thing I know to be true is this: Tapping into your feminine power, getting to a place of self love & fueling your spirit (with the right foods) is a GAME CHANGER.

I work with women to help you realize you can be feminine & powerful; you can practice self love but still have grit; you can have grace & determination; you can be a girlboss & a girlfriend. 

The world is confusing. Really confusing. There are mixed messages everywhere about what we should eat, how we should move, and what role we need to play in life. It's easy to be our own worst enemy when it comes to setting ridiculous standards (usually guided by society). We forget that what's most important is being true to ourselves. If we aren't happy with ourselves, we are going to have a hell of a time being happy in LIFE. And that attitude will eventually bleed into our careers as well.

Following fad diets and crazy exercise programs isn't sustainable, but following your own inner guide totally is! You just need to learn how to listen. The work isn't easy, but it is SO worth it - because YOU are worth it.

You can find joy, own your power, and reach those soul-shaking goals - all while living your healthy!