You're probably thinking this is a group for weightlifting, right? While you could totally lift weights while in this group, the difference is you will have a support system here to share your success stories and struggles. 

Think: Inspiration, empowerment, motivation, a sisterhood. 

I work everyday with amazing women who are successful, brilliant and creative (just like you). Women who stumble over themselves due to perfectionism and burn out, ending their days feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. Women who struggle with fitting in time for their own self-care because of their laundry list of to-dos and responsibilities. 

Women who crave movement, know they need it for their mental clarity and happiness - but can't figure out how to get themselves to do it.

Admittedly, I'm not completely normal. I enjoy running, lifting and doing other workouts that push my body to the max or on the flip side gentle movement like yoga or Pilates that pushes me in other ways. Honestly, because of my athletic background, I don't feel right if I don't get in some kind of movement each morning. It's my coffee.

Several years ago when I was running competitively, I began dedicating my races to people in my life (those that had past or who were suffering). It was in the last couple miles of those long races, when my body was fatigued and my mind was close to giving up, that I'd think about them. That internal chatter allowed me to stay focused on my goals - and power through the finish line. 

Just like in my races, when it comes to daily activity sometimes we need motivators, inspiration, and fuel to keep us going or get us started. You know?

Life is tough, but so are you. Life is busy, but I’d bet you have 20 minutes available (that you probably spend scrolling social media) that you can dedicate to yourself or someone else. And yes, life is freaking stressful. And some days, that stress can be so overwhelming we fail at functioning - we make it our excuse. Maybe a family member is sick, you are waiting on some important news, or your current relationship is tenuous. Rather than let that stress eat away at you (or send you to the fridge or bed) - why not burn off that negative energy and get support along the way? 

Excuses be gone, now is the time to put yourself first. I know it isn’t easy, I know sometimes inspiration can be far out of reach - but there is something that drives each of us, and that is the trick to moving past excuses and into empowerment. 

There are moments in my yoga practice or before I start a workout, where beforehand I'll set an intention for myself or dedicate my practice to one of my boys, or a friend. The idea of looking to others to uplift us or thinking of others to lift them up is helpful when inspiration is lacking. When stress is overwhelming and we can’t find the energy.

This group is here to LIFT you up. It's a place you can name your goal (for accountability), show up, and ask for support. It's a safe place with no judgement where you can honestly state your challenges, your fears, and your successes. And, it’s a place that you can “dedicate” your chosen workout/movement to someone, so that everyone else can cheer you (and that person) on. 

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it? I'd like to say it was all my idea, but I can't take all the credit for it.

You see, I surround myself with amazing women who are inspiring & supportive - who challenge me to be better. Kind of like LIFT. And Anna, who is a woman of strength, compassion, and one smart cookie, not only threw the idea at me - she helped name it. 

We are all capable, strong, fierce, vibrant women - who deal with real life on a daily basis. We are allowed to be vulnerable, have fears and insecurities, and need a support system - we aren’t perfect. We need our sisters to get through this crazy life - and LIFT us up. This is just one of those places, and I’d love to welcome you to be a part of a tribe of beautiful spirits embarking on their own unique journey, together. 

Whaddya say? Want to join the sisterhood?