Private Coaching

Power Sessions

Are you ready to connect with your body in a way you haven't before? Forget about mundane programs & hours on the treadmill - it's time to start doing something that is sustainable & empowering. When you move, you don't just move your body - you move your mind & your spirit. These customized sweat sessions will address your specific goals & help you connect with your feminine power. 

*Sweat sessions can be conducted in my studio if you are local to Las Vegas or via Skype if you are out of market!

Refuel: A VIP Experience

(1 Day and 2 Nights in Las Vegas*)

A fancy Vegas hotel, customized workout, 3 hour coaching session, nutrient dense lunch and a spa treatment. What could be better than that? 

This retreat is all about you. I’ll stop by for a visit once you check into your hotel room the day before our session, and then you can enjoy some solo time before waking up the next morning ready to jam. The morning of the retreat we’ll start with an opening activity to set our intentions for the day and move into a 90-minute workout before our first deep dive coaching session. Then, we will refuel with a nutrient dense lunch followed by our second productive and thought-provoking coaching session. We’ll wrap up the day with some spa time, where you will be able to process the day's work and co-create your personal action plan for how to transfer what we've done into all areas of your life.

*Vegas locals, this experience can be modified to exclude hotel.

For more information about the VIP experience, please complete the form and we will schedule a call to discuss further.

Nutrition Mentorship

Transform your body + your attitude! Say goodbye to diets, detoxes & cleanses that are wasting your time & energy. It's time for you to take radical responsibility for your health with education & discipline. Through this program you'll get super comfortable with food while you learn what works best for your body, not someone else's. You'll learn how to eat in a way that will increase your energy, address your cravings, jumpstart your metabolism, and gain confidence in yourself. 



While there is no doubt that upleveling your health will have a direct affect on your life, I know that it can be daunting to think about how to start - let alone what to do to get there.

I totally get it. I spent well over a decade battling my health while trying to be successful at life, and I failed. I lacked energy & self-esteem, felt lousy because I wasn't eating properly, and definitely over did it when it came to my exercise routine. As a result, it was virtually impossible for me to be my best. 

I've worked with many women who experienced their own challenges when it came to stepping into their health while living their life - but through their personal work they, like me, have gained power, grace & resilience that has catapulted them into success & happiness. 

Check out what some of the brave women I've coached on their journey to personal health & self confidence have to say.