Nicole attended the June 2017 Lake Las Vegas Refresh Retreat. Here she provides a little insight into her own experience, and some of her takeaways...

Why did you choose to fly cross country to attend the Lake Las Vegas Refresh? I needed a literal refresh. I needed to set some goals for my personal life (health, relationships, etc) and needed help with it. 

Did you have any "ah-ha" moments over the weekend you didn't anticipate? Yes. That even the most successful woman &a men have doubts about themselves and need help achieving their goals.

What was the benefit of having other like-minded individuals with you throughout the weekend?  They can offer genuine support because they can more easily relate to what you are looking to accomplish. 

What was your biggest take away? That it's okay to admit that not everything is perfect and ask for help with things that you are struggling with in your life.

How did things change after you left the weekend experience? I set goals and established an action plan to improve my personal relationship. In doing so it has helped in reconnecting with my husband and my overall mindset at work and home.

Why would you recommend this experience to another high performing professional? It is an opportunity to take a closer look at all areas of your life, especially the ones that are challenging, and have help gaining clarity around the areas that need attention and then setting specific goals for those things. It is also really amazing to connect with people that begin as complete strangers but end up being people who help you improve yourself.

The next Refresh Retreat is taking place October 6-8th 2017. Don't miss out on an opportunity to put yourself first.