The 12-week program will be jam-packed with lots of healthy goodness, and together we will dive deep into movement, nutrition & self-care. I'm not here to sell you a quick fix, or a magic pill - this is a road-map to your own personal transformation and you've got total control.  It will be sustainable, actionable, and motivating - and oh yeah, it will light a fire under you that will spark creativity, give you clarity & boost your confidence. Other side effects may include: a boost in energy, stress reduction, possible weight loss, increased physical & emotional strength and total self-acceptance. 

Programs will include:


You will get a healthy dose of perspiration during our weekly workouts, which will be guided virtually or in my studio in Las Vegas. These workouts will be based on where you are specifically at in your fitness journey, and what your current & future goals are – and don’t be surprised if those goals change throughout the process. We will use a combination of bodyweight, functional fitness, strength training and other methods to target specific areas, challenge your body & keep it interesting. And, of course, you will get all the juicy details on how you can (and will) find your feminine power through movement. 


Monthly 90-minute group coaching calls and/or one-on-one 50 minute calls if you have the Power+ membership. We will get together as a group on a live call to answer questions, share personal triumphs and challenges, and support one another on this powerful journey. Each sister will have an opportunity to speak (if they wish) and I will be available to answer questions, provide advice & likely share a few tips, workouts & recipes. Calls will be recorded if you aren’t able to join. 


Support, inspiration & accountability from other women going through the program along with you.


Email support with lessons, recipes, workouts & inspiration to include in your work.