Here is what my clients have to say

As someone who struggles with their weight and always has a difficult time maintaining or losing it in the fall & winter months, I really wanted to find a personal trainer that could help me get over that hump. I was lucky enough to find Kelly and initially worked with her in a group training setting and then moved on to one on one sessions. What I like most about Kelly versus other trainers I’ve worked with is this: she is real. She knows that people aren’t perfect, they may want to have a glass of wine or a piece of pizza. What’s important to her is helping you find a healthy balance. She is knowledgable, helpful, and fun to work with. She always mixes your sessions up so you aren’t doing the same thing and she challenges you to work harder, to be stronger. She encourages you along the way, especially on those tough days. If you’re apprehensive about hiring a trainer because you aren’t in great shape or on the flip side you are in shape and worried you can’t find anyone to show you something you don’t already know, I would highly recommend Kelly. You will reap the health benefits but gain a friend too.
— Nicole

Working with Kelly has been a dream! Every workout is totally personalized to my goals and making myself a stronger person from the inside, out. She goes way beyond the physical workout and is my go-to expert on all things related to personal health!
— Meghan

Kelly guided me to physically, spiritually and emotionally change my relationship with food and my body. She customizes each workout based on your needs, likes and where you are in your journey. If you want to truly become strong inside and out, she can get you there.
— Emily

Working out with Kelly has been great for my mind and body. I was really out of shape when we started, and she challenged me while also keeping me motivated and feeling positive rather than defeated. She has gradually ramped up our workouts and I truly enjoy getting up to work out. It’s great to work out with another mom who is so knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition and holistic health.
— Eleanor

I truly believe that God puts the right people in your life at the right time. For me, getting up to work with Kelly right as I was embarking on this big job transition was providential - while I am very grateful for her help physically,
I am even more grateful for her listening spirit and teaching me the connection between the physical and the emotional.
— Caroline

Kelly was instrumental in kicking my postpartum, sleep-deprived, unmotivated self into gear. At the point that I started working with her, she helped me focus on starting from the ground up nutritionally and physically. She’s a mom, like me, and knew exactly how to train me to help me build my balance, strength, and confidence. Kelly is a motivator and inspires her clients to work their hardest during each session!
— Julie