If you are here, I'm guessing you're a rockstar at a lot of things, but you are struggling to find your jam when it comes to your overall health + wellness.

I know first hand that in order to continue to perform at a high level, you need to treat yourself like an athlete (think: habits, mindset, self-care) so you can stay at the top of your game both professionally + personally.

Below are the ways we can work together to co-create a sustainable plan that isn't "all or nothing" and isn't "one size fits all". It will be work that is focused entirely on you, your lifestyle and how you want to feel - so you can thrive in all areas of your life.

Private Coaching

DSC_4471 copy.jpg

1-on-1 Coaching With Kelly: 4 months

(in person or via video chat)


Refuel: A VIP Experience

(1 Day and 2 Nights in Las Vegas)


Wellness Mentorship: 12 months

(Monthly calls, VIP Days, Retreats, and other goodies)

While there is no doubt that upleveling your health will have a direct affect on your life, I know that it can be daunting to think about how to start - let alone what to do to get there.

I totally get it. I spent well over a decade battling my health while trying to be successful at life, and I failed. I was pretty unhappy, unfulfilled and lacked began to lose motivation. I was operating at a high stress level, felt lousy because I wasn't eating properly, and wasn't getting an adequate amount of sleep (among other things). As a result, it was virtually impossible for me to be my best. 

I've worked with many women and men who experienced their own challenges when it came to stepping into their health while living their life - but through this work they, like me, gained a TON of clarity around what needed attention and made significant changes that have catapulted them into success & happiness.