Lake Las Vegas


Refresh Retreat: Reboot. Revive. Recharge

2.5 Days at Lake las vegas

How else are you going to set aside dedicated time for yourself, so you can kick start a change that you so desperately need? It isn't happening in between work, community obligations, running the kids around town and possibly having a social life. Is it?

Why not give yourself a mini vaca that allows you to focus on you?

Oh right... you can't. You don't have time. Other people need you. Or, maybe that just feels icky.

I get it. I had the same excuses. And you know what happened? Eventually it all caught up to me and one day I found myself burned out, battling a slew of health issues, angry, unhappy, a little bit resentful and definitely unsure of what to do about it. You don't want to get to that point. Trust me. 

So, here's the deal...

The Lake Las Vegas Refresh will with be interactive and transformational. It will most definitely provide you with some a-ha moments, and through your work with me and a group of like-minded individuals, you will leave with an action plan and a tribe to support you moving forward.

By the end of your LLVR experience, you will feel more mindful and ready to achieve your next level of success in work and life. And, you just might be okay with scheduling regular "me time" moving forward. Just say'in. :) 

Click on the gorgeous image below for full details on this experience.

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