For women who know they can expand their impact if they start putting themselves first.

1-Day Intensive Experience.

There is this thing going on amongst women right now.

It's this need to be a kind of superhero. And what comes with it is exhaustion, self-doubt, a feeling of being "stuck" (but we are "fine"), and deep resignation...

We are going through the motions, hustling to take care of others, and perform in our career. And, maybe more than once, we've questioned whether work-life balance is even a real thing.

As a result, health declines, stress rises, sleep - what sleep?, energy is zapped, relationships lack luster, and who has time for exercise?

The pressures we’ve put on ourselves and the fact that we are constantly accessible (and connected) because - technology - makes it difficult to decipher what "me time" truly is - because it's nearly impossible to disconnect.

And we wonder, what would it take to repair the disconnect between ourselves, to get our physical + mental health in check, and do all the things - while still showing up for work, family and life each day?

This is why in addition to the Lake Las Vegas Refresh Retreat I’ve created The Refresh VIP Day. I know that not everyone is able to make time for a full weekend, so this is my answer to that. Dedicated time away from life to focus on your health and wellness (with like-minded women) is incredibly empowering.

Here’s another chance.

This is an intensive, 1-day retreat to introduce tools, strategies, and sisterhood that will allow a woman to access her confidence, grace and power.

Throughout the day you’ll gain clarity on what is holding you back from feeling (and being) your best, and you’ll feel what is possible for you, your career, your relationships, and your happiness.

You’ll leave with a new approach (and awareness) about your personal hurdles, your desires, and your potential—along with action items to empower you to create change in your health + wellness (and your life).

The next event is May 11th 2018 and will be held at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa.

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