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You don’t believe it’s possible to hustle AND take care of yourself. In fact, you pretty much feel like it’s an either or, that you can’t do both. The very idea of being able to kill it in your career, manage a relationship, a social life, maybe even kids, and still keep your health in check is beyond overwhelming. Something has to give, right? So…naturally you put yourself last.

If you’re anything like me (or at least who I used to be) it may feel like you have to choose one or the other, and my hunch is, if you’re here you’ve probably been prioritizing the hustle over pretty much everything. As a result, you may put your own health & wellbeing at the bottom of the to-do list, have 20 or more pounds you’re consistently saying you need to shed but never do, have a secret stash of candy bars at your desk that moonlight for lunch…can probably fall asleep standing up, and when you do have time for a little “me time” struggle with guilt and panic over needing to spend it productively, rather than at a spa or (gasp) in bed!

At an unconscious level, you may feel like you aren’t worth it.

The undeniable truth is that when you STOP making this an “either or”, you begin to feel better, look better, and actually you might even accelerate your performance in your career, business & relationships.

Whether you have a family, know you want one or are totally cool being single for the rest of your life – it’s important to make the pieces fit.

This might sound overly simplistic, but creating & sustaining a growth mindset, sustainable habits and self-respect is what prevents us from falling off course.

We are living in hectic times and most people are consumed by to-do lists and busyness, which makes us more reactionary than preventative. We are making choices and developing habits that don’t necessarily serve us, rather than prioritizing our health so we can be more productive, successful, and present.

It isn’t that you don’t know what to do, or how - you just don’t. Sometimes we need a jumpstart, a support system, maybe even time specifically dedicated to focusing on US.

While at Lake Las Vegas you will:

  • Reconnect to your health and gain clarity on what is holding you back from true success.
  • Write your own definition of health. One that is a marriage between self-discipline with self-respect, includes a mindset that fosters growth through consistent habits and is sustainable for your lifestyle. Because, this is your life, not someone else’s and it’s time to write your own rules.
  • Receive one-on-one coaching, where you and I get to the heart of…
  • Reprioritize your health in a relaxed setting with a community of like-minded performers
  • Create an action plan that sets you up for success long after you’ve left the retreat.
  • Learn how to focus on specific goals and habits by getting rid of the external noise (and distractions)
  • ??

By the end of your Lake Las Vegas Retreat experience, you will leave feeling more mindful and ready to achieve your next level of success in work and life.

This includes 2.5 days of – with a-ha moments, interactive, transformational, action-oriented, support system, tribe, like-minded individuals,

What if it isn’t an either or? What if it’s an “and”? And when you sync up health and wellness with professional results you create the foundation for more satisfaction, more self-care, better relationships, more freedom.

I’m Kelly Travis. For two decades I struggled with those very things. I was a competitive runner, a successful publisher & marketing director and hyper focused on excelling in both. Through two happy surprises within the course of 20 months, I found myself with two kids, I had moved crossed country (and back), and divorced - and the thing that kept me sane (most of the time) was (is) my ability to keep my health in constant check.

By no means was this easy. In fact, it wasn’t until I had my first son that I realized that during the “hustle” I had lost myself. It’s when I realized that my lifestyle wasn’t sustainable and I wasn’t happy – and I needed to figure out why. Over the next couple of years I gained some much needed self-awareness, and discovered that my health was comprised of so much more than what I ate and how I moved. I quickly learned that if I wanted to continue to be a powerful career woman (and mom) – I couldn’t ignore the other stuff and if I wanted to be truly healthy I needed to put some things into action. Pretty soon everything changed – sleeping and eating habits, to relationships and major mindset shifts– including an attitude adjustment. I gave myself permission to make some big (scary) decisions; I started giving myself more grace so that the hustle really counted; and, I gained clarity on what was holding me back from achieving true success in health & life.

I realized that living life like it has to be “either or” can be incredibly self-limiting and can lead to self-sabotage. I see this on a regular basis in the work I do today.

I work with high performing professionals and entrepreneurs to help them prioritize their health so they can fuel their success in their career and life. I work with individuals, groups and organizations in a number of ways. Through workshops and retreats, I cultivate communities of people that you don’t necessarily get to meet on your own.

The pressures we put on ourselves to perform, to be perfect, are the very pressures that limit our full potential. Being rigid and critical seems like a driver to success, but it isn’t. Learning to be flexible and give ourselves permission to shift between effort & ease is what allows us to excel in a sustainable (happy) way.

But, it isn’t easy to make that shift with our habits and mindset when we put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list. One of the things I hear from my clients the most is, “I just need to get away from the routine of my life to truly lay the foundation for lasting change.”

So, I’ve been listening…

You’re invited.

High performing professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders who need direction and support prioritizing their health so they can be more productive & successful in all areas of their lives.

If the hustle and the day-to-day distractions (and excuses) have caused you to put yourself at the bottom of the to-do list, and as a result have prevented you from upleveling your health – this is for you.

If you aren’t sure where to even start when it comes to your health (so much conflicting information out there), or you know you need to make major changes in your career, relationships and/or lifestyle in order to step into true wellness - this is where you will gain clarity & motivation.

The Lake Las Vegas Retreat will ----------.

Is this going to be a fitness retreat?

While there will be opportunities for fitness, people of all fitness types and bodies are encouraged to attend.

What kind of people will be at the retreat?

Smart, driven, high-achieving women & men who want to cultivate awesome healthy lives that include a sustainable plan that priorities their health so they can kick ass in life.

What am I getting with my investment?

2.5 days of -- You aren’t investing in a weekend, you are investing in sustainable change and an action plan to take back for the rest of your life.

What if I’m really out of shape?

Give yourself permission to come as you are. Every opportunity for movement will allow for modifications or the option to sit out. Although you will be encouraged to participate, you know your body best and you’ll be encouraged to listen to whether it’s fear holding you back or your body.

II’ve got so much on my plate right now, maybe I should wait until the next one.

I’ve learned that it’s never the right time – and if you continue to put yourself at the bottom of your priority list, you are simply holding yourself back from feeling good and being your best.

Is this for men and women?

This retreat is for both men and women who are looking to up their health game while still hustling in the other areas of their life.

Does the cost include food and lodging?

No. The price reflects the content, activities and coaching that will take place over the weekend as well as one health lunch. While there will be opportunities to dine together as a group, those meals will be your responsibility. I will be providing a link for a discounted rate at the hotel upon registering for the retreat.

Is this refundable?

No, but it is transferrable

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