Tulum, MX


5 Days in Tulum, MX


Waking up to a cool breeze and the sound of the ocean, the beach sand just steps from your bed. 

Indulging in fresh, delicious, seasonal food at every meal.

Participating in morning yoga on a deck in the jungle.

Workshops and excursions throughout the day that provide you with insight, inspire change and empower you to take action.

The opportunity to work with and support other like-minded individuals who have decided to put their health & wellness first.

Plenty of down time to lay on the beach, go for a swim, explore the surrounding area and spend time with your travel companion and/or new retreat friends.

And let's not forget, evenings filled with more good food (maybe some cocktails), plenty of laughter and certainly a chance to connect with new (and old) friends.

As career professionals and entrepreneurs, we need these kinds of experiences to thrive. 

Why? Because our days are spent making decisions, moving the needle forward and juggling a million things at once. Not to mention, managing the stress, self-doubt, and frustrations that comes with it.

It is so important that not only do you set aside time to hit the reset button and take care of yourself, but to also have support from like-minded individuals who are paving their own path as well.

My desire is to bring ambitious, impactful, inspiring individuals from all over to work and play together in a beautiful setting.

I stayed at The Beach Tulum Resort in Mexico and spent 4 days relaxing, moving and connecting with others and myself in a way that allowed me to reset.

It was time away. To take care of myself so I could return to my business, my children and my life feeling fresh, empowered and able to thrive.

The trip was filled with rest, play, nourishment and above all, a chance to do some deep work on myself. The kind of work you don't do when you are surrounded by technology, the fast pace of life, and everyday demands.

Tulum is this amazing place that can make a type A workaholic embrace a lifestyle of disconnection and unplanned momentsIt is an environment that fosters this chill vibe that brings out your inner free spirit. It encourages you to let go, choose you, and experience life without all of the distractions. It is the perfect place to dedicate a little time to bettering yourself so you can get to the next level in your health, work and life.

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