Refresh VIP Day

Are you ready?


Are you ready to take the first step in taking back control of you health and wellness?

The Experience is a 1-Day Immersive Retreat for high performing career professionals and entrepreneurs.

Upcoming Dates:Coming soon. Sign up here to receive updated information.

Schedule:The morning of the retreat we’ll start with a private workout before our first workshop session. Then, we will refuel with a ample time for you to grab a nutrient dense lunch, indulge in spa time and download the morning events. Following the midday break, our second productive and thought-provoking workshop session with take place. We’ll wrap up the day with a private cocktail hour where you can share conversation and connection with the group.

Locations:This will vary depending on the time of year. 

What’s the investment?


(Let’s be honest, a massage, facial and 2 hours later you’d be paying more...this is the destination/spa experience WITH long lasting personal + professional benefits.) Just sayin’.

You deserve this.

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I know it’s challenging to make the commitment to show up for this experience.

But that’s why it’s so powerful when you do.

I know you have a full plate. Career, a significant other, kids, community work, and a handful of other things. The thought of stepping away from it all for a full day can feel pretty overwhelming - but this experience, it needs to be all about you and what you want to create for yourself.

You’re a woman, so you are programmed to put everyone and everything else before yourself - and so I know that coming to this goes against how you traditionally operate.

But, an incredible amount of goodness comes from making space and time for you. I know you’ve experienced it - in small doses - when you get a night out or sneak away for a fitness class or pedicure.

A full day in a gorgeous spa, removed from all the chaos and hustle, exempt from obligations (temporarily) and surrounded by like-minded women - think of what that could do for you.

You will leave the experience wanting more - having a clearer head, an action plan for yourself and an incredible support system of sisters just like you.