Refresh VIP Day

For women who know they can expand their impact if they start putting themselves first



There is this thing going on amongst high performing women right now.

It's this need to be a kind of superhero. And what comes with it is exhaustion, self-doubt, a feeling of being "stuck" (but we are "fine"), and deep resignation...

We are going through the motions, hustling to take care of others, and perform in our career. And, maybe more than once, we've questioned whether work-life balance is even a real thing. we've questioned whether work-life balance is even a real thing.

As a result, health declines, stress rises, sleep - what sleep?, energy is zapped, relationships lack luster, and who has time for exercise?

The pressures we’ve put on ourselves and the fact that we are constantly accessible (and connected) because - technology - makes it difficult to decipher what "me time" truly is - because it's nearly impossible to disconnect.

The pressures we’ve put on ourselves and the fact that we are constantly accessible (and connected) because - technology - makes it difficult to decipher what "me time" truly is - because it's nearly impossible to disconnect.

This is why in addition to The Lake Las Vegas Refresh Retreat, I’ve created a new experience - The Refresh VIP Day. I know that not everyone is able to make time for a full weekend, so this is my answer to that. Dedicated time away from life to focus on your health and wellness (with like-minded women) is incredibly empowering.

Here's another chance...

This is an intensive, 1-day retreat to introduce tools, strategies, and sisterhood that will allow a woman to access her confidence, grace and power.

Throughout the day you’ll gain clarity on what is holding you back from feeling (and being) your best, and you’ll feel what is possible for you, your career, your relationships, and your happiness.

You’ll leave with a new approach (and awareness) about your personal hurdles, your desires, and your potential—along with action items to empower you to create change in your health + wellness (and your life).

The Refresh VIP Day is for women who know they can expand their impact if they start putting themselves first.

What would change if you began to prioritize your wellness in a way that didn’t undermine your career success?


What if in reality it is taking care of yourself that creates the foundation for true lasting success and deeper fulfillment?

The undeniable truth is that when you STOP making this an “either or”, you begin to feel better, look better, and actually you might even accelerate your performance in your career, business & relationships.

It isn’t that you don’t know what to do, or how - you just don’t. Sometimes we need a jumpstart, a support system, even time dedicated to focusing on US.

The Refresh VIP Day was designed to help you prioritize your health so you can be more productive, successful, and present.

  • Get clear on where you are stuck by letting go of old stories and beliefs, and start the process of breaking through.
  • Uncover what work-life balance looks like and set a plan to achieve it.
  • Determine and DECLARE what it is you want for yourself this year or in this season of your life - in your work, your relationships, with your health, etc.
  • Experience a new approach to setting & achieving goals that includes establishing rituals that lead to sustainable habits
  • Learn how to transition from rigidity to flexibility (in your body, in your mind, in your behaviors and in your relationships).
  • Experience a new approach to setting & achieving goals that includes establishing rituals that lead to sustainable habits
  • Understand the connection between stress – sleep – food – exercise, and what that means for you.
  • Amplify your sense of worthiness and self-esteem.

By the end of your VIP Day experience, you will have let go of some of the old stories holding you back and feel ready to achieve your next level of success in work and life.

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This experience is for you if...

  • You want to take a fresh approach to “me time”, but you haven’t a clue how to do that.
  • You are in charge of the world - and you’re good at it - but you just want to stop for a minute so that you can rest, reset and restore.
  • You have felt “stuck” and wonder if work-life balance truly does exist, but if it does you are ready to learn how you can implement it into your own life.
  • You know you're "fine." You probably say it all the time. Yet every time you do, you can't help but think to yourself, "I want to be more than fine."
  • You’re the kind of person who learns through experiences, but you resist them because there isn’t any time to schedule and show up for them.
  • You want more, in many areas. More energy. More fulfillment. More connection. More time. More movement. MORE.
  • Your support system sometimes believes in you more than you believe in yourself, and you recognize that the person who needs to believe in you the most, is YOU.
  • The reason you haven’t made time for yourself is because you put everyone else’s needs before your own and you’re afraid of what might happen if you stop. (See bullet 2!)
  • You have a strained relationship with your body, and your disapproval of it impacts your overall attitude and confidence.
“Kelly leads a dynamite Group VIP Day. From curating a rockstar group of women, to leading transformative exercises, to providing me-time in a gorgeous spa, to providing deep, actionable coaching, Kelly knocked it out of the park and I loved every part of this experience. I highly recommend Kelly’s unique event to women who are ready to take care of themselves the way they take care of their clients, staff and families. I’ve implemented EVERY SINGLE AHA I had during my hot seat, feel more deeply aligned with my work, feel a tremendous decrease in stress, and it’s not even been two weeks since our powerful day together!”



It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to trudge through life, “fine”.

It’s time for you to let go of the resistance and the excuses. It’s time to stop playing small and start harnessing your true potential.

In order to do this, you’ll have to put in a little work. You must stop ignoring and avoiding and begin repairing and reclaiming.

The solution isn’t our natural go-to. In fact, the solution isn’t anything we’ve really been taught. It’s simple, but we resist it because it goes against everything we know.

The secret is clarity, reconnection and a plan.

I’m Kelly Travis. For two decades I struggled with those very things. I was a competitive runner, a successful publisher & marketing director, and hyper focused on excelling in all areas of my life. Then, within 20 months, I had two happy surprises (I mean kids), and in less than 3 years I powered through two cross-country moves, and got divorced. The thing that kept me going (most of the time) was my ability to integrate my work with my life.

Once I discovered that my health is comprised of more than what I eat and how I move. I learned that if I want to continue to be a powerful career woman (and mom), I can't ignore the other stuff. And, if I want to be truly healthy, I need to have the right habits and mindset in place to put things into action.

Pretty soon everything changed – from sleeping and eating habits, to relationships and major mindset shifts– including an attitude adjustment. I gained clarity on the old stories that were holding me back from achieving true success in health & life. I gave myself permission to make some big (scary) decisions. I started giving myself more grace so that the hustle really counted. And, I realized that living life like it has to be “either or” can be limiting and can lead to self-sabotage.

The pressures we put on ourselves to perform limit our full potential. Being rigid and critical seems like a driver to success, but it isn’t. Learning to be flexible and give ourselves permission to move between effort & ease is what allows us to excel in a sustainable (happy) way.

It isn’t easy to make that shift with our habits and mindset when we put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list. One of the things I hear from my clients the most is, “I just need to get away from the routine of my life to truly lay the foundation for lasting change.”

So, I’ve been listening…and you're invited.


Amazing experience

What an amazing experience! Focusing on well being from the inside out - Kelly helped me realize some significant shifts I needed to make in my decision making and my choices. This work not only helped me get back into shape, but also helped me realize where I want to be with my career. I’m excited about the changes I’ve made since investing time with Kelly!

Healthy, vibrant, sustainable

I always second guess whether I need something like this because: a) I feel a bit guilty taking time away from work and b) most of the time I have it pretty well together (at least that’s what I tell myself). After this last VIP day, I was transformed. Kelly curated an amazing group of women who connected very quickly. The exercises she had us do were just what I needed to address some nagging less than stellar habits and face the fact that I’m afraid to be more visible - AND I’m moving forward with all of my plans despite that fear because it’s important to me. The day was the perfect combination of deep personal and collective work, spa time, and planning for implementation. This is NOT one of those events where you have a fun day and that’s it. Kelly’s amazing background, skill as a coach and genuine caring for each woman in the room ensure that her participants leave the resort knowing exactly the what, how, and most importantly the WHY of our next steps. I can’t recommend this highly enough for high achieving women who put tons of pressure on themselves. Kelly not only gets it, she respects our time, and she advocates for us moving forward in the most healthy, vibrant, sustainable way possible.

— Stefanie Frank Copywriter, TEDx speaker, Co-Founder, Frankly Good Coffee

Small group setting

The small group setting made it comfortable to be vulnerable, and Kelly’s authentic, practical style created a safe environment for us all. Each activity helped set the foundation for life-changing habits and a path to overall wellness.
— Stacey Wedding I Founder & CEO, Professionals in Philanthropy

Positive perspective

The opportunity to take a look, both inside and out, allowed me to gain a positive perspective that shifted my path for a lifetime
— Melissa Ramos Fernandez | Manager, Corporate Reporting, NV Energy
My first VIP Day was very rewarding and eye-opening at the same time. You interact with wonderful, successful women that provide insight and perspective on your daily struggles. It was enlightening to hear that other women share in the same challenges I’m facing. I left feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted but refreshed at the same time.
— Maureen Perri | VP Credit Administrator, Nevada State Bank
Kelly was remarkable in the way she balanced inspirational encouragement, with a practical approach for challenging us to uncover root causes for what keeps us from accomplishing our goals. I appreciated the way Kelly made herself vulnerable in sharing her own story to help relate to the experiences each of the participants brought to the retreat. There was a perfect blend of reflective, individual and group exercises, that led to finishing the weekend having planned well to accomplish relevant goals while creating lasting bonds with the group. The value received in participating in the Refresh Retreat far outweighs the investment.
— J. Waldron | Boyd Gaming

Listening spirit

I truly believe that people are put in your life at the right time. For me, working with Kelly right as I was embarking on this big job transition was providential. I am grateful for her listening spirit and teaching me the connection between the physical and the emotional.
— Caroline Chambre Hammock I Director, Urban Ministry Center

Are you ready?


Are you ready to take the first step in taking back control of you health and wellness?

The Experience is a 1-Day Immersive Retreat for high performing career professionals and entrepreneurs.

Upcoming Dates: Coming soon. Sign up here to receive updated information.

Schedule: The morning of the retreat we’ll start with a private workout before our first workshop session. Then, we will refuel with a ample time for you to grab a nutrient dense lunch, indulge in spa time and download the morning events. Following the midday break, our second productive and thought-provoking workshop session with take place. We’ll wrap up the day with a private cocktail hour where you can share conversation and connection with the group.

Locations: This will vary depending on the time of year. 

What’s the investment?


(Let’s be honest, a massage, facial and 2 hours later you’d be paying more...this is the destination/spa experience WITH long lasting personal + professional benefits.) Just sayin’.

You deserve this.

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I know it’s challenging to make the commitment to show up for this experience.


But that’s why it’s so powerful when you do.

I know you have a full plate. Career, a significant other, kids, community work, and a handful of other things. The thought of stepping away from it all for a full day can feel pretty overwhelming - but this experience, it needs to be all about you and what you want to create for yourself.

You’re a woman, so you are programmed to put everyone and everything else before yourself - and so I know that coming to this goes against how you traditionally operate.

But, an incredible amount of goodness comes from making space and time for you. I know you’ve experienced it - in small doses - when you get a night out or sneak away for a fitness class or pedicure.

A full day in a gorgeous spa, removed from all the chaos and hustle, exempt from obligations (temporarily) and surrounded by like-minded women - think of what that could do for you.

You will leave the experience wanting more - having a clearer head, an action plan for yourself and an incredible support system of sisters just like you.

Frequently Asked Questions...



I’ve got so much on my plate right now, maybe I should wait until the next one.

It’s one day. One. Day. If you’ve got a lot on your plate this is EXACTLY why the VIP Experience would be a great fit. I’ve learned that it’s never the right time – and if you continue to put yourself at the bottom of your priority list, you are simply holding yourself back from feeling good and being your best.

How many people will be at the VIP Day?

Between 6-10 people.

Who will be at there?

Smart, driven, high-achieving women who want to cultivate awesome healthy lives that include a sustainable plan that prioritizes their health so they can kick ass in life.

Will there be opportunity to learn about nutrition?

Yes, absolutely! We will spend time demystifying the myths & confusion around “diets” and I'll help you gain the confidence and trust to eat based on what your body needs, not what someone else tells you to eat.

Is exercise going to be involved?

At the start of our day together we will participate in a private class to wake you up, help you set an intention for the day, and challenge you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

After I register, what communication will occur before the experience?

Following your registration, I will be reaching out to you with details that include the event schedule, how to prepare, and if you’ve registered to receive the coaching session - how to schedule it. There will also be a private Facebook group, where I will provide updates, answer questions and everyone can connect.

What am I getting with my investment?

This includes 1-day of transformational goodness! The day will be filled with movement, interactive group activities, coaching, a support system of like-minded individuals, time for individual work, many many a-ha moments and ample time to create your own action plan that you’ll have with you well beyond the day. You aren’t investing in a day, you are investing in your next level of success and an action plan to take back for the rest of your life.

Does the cost include food and spa use?

The price reflects the content, activities and coaching that will take place over the weekend, as well as lunch, cocktail hour and use of the spa amenities during free time. After registering, Kelly will be providing a link for a discounted spa services & a room rate at the hotel should you decide to gift yourself a stay following the day.

When should I plan to arrive and leave by?

We will begin promptly at 8:30am and the close of our day will occur at 5:00pm with a private cocktail hour for the group.

Is this refundable?

No, but it is transferrable.

Additional questions?

Email at to schedule a 15-20 minute call to learn more!

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