Refresh VIP Day

What attendees have said...


Amazing experience

What an amazing experience! Focusing on well being from the inside out - Kelly helped me realize some significant shifts I needed to make in my decision making and my choices. This work not only helped me get back into shape, but also helped me realize where I want to be with my career. I’m excited about the changes I’ve made since investing time with Kelly!


Healthy, vibrant, sustainable

I always second guess whether I need something like this because: a) I feel a bit guilty taking time away from work and b) most of the time I have it pretty well together (at least that’s what I tell myself). After this last VIP day, I was transformed. Kelly curated an amazing group of women who connected very quickly. The exercises she had us do were just what I needed to address some nagging less than stellar habits and face the fact that I’m afraid to be more visible - AND I’m moving forward with all of my plans despite that fear because it’s important to me. The day was the perfect combination of deep personal and collective work, spa time, and planning for implementation. This is NOT one of those events where you have a fun day and that’s it. Kelly’s amazing background, skill as a coach and genuine caring for each woman in the room ensure that her participants leave the resort knowing exactly the what, how, and most importantly the WHY of our next steps. I can’t recommend this highly enough for high achieving women who put tons of pressure on themselves. Kelly not only gets it, she respects our time, and she advocates for us moving forward in the most healthy, vibrant, sustainable way possible.

My first VIP Day was very rewarding and eye-opening at the same time. You interact with wonderful, successful women that provide insight and perspective on your daily struggles. It was enlightening to hear that other women share in the same challenges I’m facing. I left feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted but refreshed at the same time.
— Maureen Perri | VP Credit Administrator, Nevada State Bank


Small group setting

The small group setting made it comfortable to be vulnerable, and Kelly’s authentic, practical style created a safe environment for us all. Each activity helped set the foundation for life-changing habits and a path to overall wellness.
— Stacey Wedding I Founder & CEO, Professionals in Philanthropy

Kelly was remarkable in the way she balanced inspirational encouragement, with a practical approach for challenging us to uncover root causes for what keeps us from accomplishing our goals. I appreciated the way Kelly made herself vulnerable in sharing her own story to help relate to the experiences each of the participants brought to the retreat. There was a perfect blend of reflective, individual and group exercises, that led to finishing the weekend having planned well to accomplish relevant goals while creating lasting bonds with the group. The value received in participating in the Refresh Retreat far outweighs the investment.
— J. Waldron | Boyd Gaming


Positive perspective

The opportunity to take a look, both inside and out, allowed me to gain a positive perspective that shifted my path for a lifetime
— Melissa Ramos Fernandez | Manager, Corporate Reporting, NV Energy


Listening spirit

I truly believe that people are put in your life at the right time. For me, working with Kelly right as I was embarking on this big job transition was providential. I am grateful for her listening spirit and teaching me the connection between the physical and the emotional.
— Caroline Chambre Hammock I Director, Urban Ministry Center

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