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I’m Kelly Travis.

I run a successful coaching business while doing the single mom life and I still manage to make my health and wellbeing a priority - so I can crush my dreams. I built my business fresh out of a divorce with my youngest still on my hip, and I know the importance of ditching the belief that you have to settle for “enough” so you can create the life you want on your terms.

""You are playing small"-- among the most honest and powerful words any friend, mentor, or coach has ever said to me. And it has been these insights in my work with Kelly that have really inspired me to look deeper and aspire for more, both personally and professionally. If you've ever really wanted to take a good, hard look at yourself and make improvements that you've been struggling to do or afraid to try, Kelly is the perfect person to enlist in your journey of self-discovery."

– Kimberly Kindig

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"Kelly models the ideal mix of professionalism, compassion and discipline to help you get to where you want to go - not to where she thinks you should go (her methods are not prescriptive) but where YOU truly want to go in your career or business while putting your health first so you can enjoy and celebrate your wins that much more and be available for yourself, your family and others who are important in your life."

– Stephanie Frank

"I have become much more self-aware in all aspects of my life—from how I feel physically to the way I talk to myself to everything in between. This awareness has helped me shift my mindset when needed and take the steps needed to move toward my personal and professional goals."

– Stacey Wedding

"Kelly has the perfect combination of understanding your situation as a busy entrepreneur (and mom), educating you on how you can make changes, and not let you make excuses so you can actually achieve what you want."

– Marianne Van Den Broek

"I have lost 25 pounds, signed up for new classes, been more assertive in my work and knowledge, started eating better and paying more attention to self care. Essentially, my entire life and outlook is different than when I started."

– Shea Green